Sunday, 19 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas: 16th December

This one is a bit bittersweet.

Yesterday, I woke up after a lie in, still nursing a cold with a sore throat and very little voice. However, I had ticket to see the English National Ballet perform the Nutcracker in London for the afternoon and with no school for a fortnight, things were looking good.

And to cap it all, it started to snow! I was totally jazzed.

But then it kept snowing and we had three or four inches and the airports closed, traffic came to a standstill and tube lines were dropping like flies and it was looking less and less likely that I'd be able to get to the ballet.

I did set out to have a go at making it, but after being outside for 30 seconds, I was completely coated in snow and after a minute, it was trickling inside my scarf. After a few minutes of indecision when I trekked back and forth towards the tube station and back, and forwards and back, I gave it up as a bad job and kissed goodbye to my ticket. It turns out I would probably have been late anyway due to delays on the line.

I was really looking forward to going - have been for a month and I was looking forward to the chance to do something really Christmassy and wonderful to celebrate the end of term. I've not seen the Nutcracker before.

So after a sympathy phone call home, I settled down on my sofa to look out of my window and watch the world turn out, the people coming and going, children wrapped up spherically, the odd snowball... And standing at the window, I could see people in windows across the way, standing in their flats looking at the snow. And it felt nice to be all cosy inside, knowing I don't have to do anything and being able to share the lovely weather with people up and down the country as we all hope for a white Christmas.

And there's still lots to look forward to. My family are coming down tomorrow (I'm waving at you family!) and we've got lots of wonderful things planned, I'm going to the cinema this afternoon, I'm going home to Yorkshire in a few days, and I can always go the ballet next year. Weather permitting.

So here's my page from my window.

Kisses xxx

P.S.The sassafras embellishments - entwined blooms - and paper are so beautiful - it's a lovely colour palette and I shall look out for more of them.

P.P.S. Another thing to look forward to is getting a new paper paper trimmer. I dropped mine and it broke about a month ago so all these JYC pages are being made without proper straight-line-cutting abilities. I have to wedge some of the pieces together and hope they hold long enough for me to cut a line. Often they don't!


  1. Ahh what a shame :( I hate it when you look forward to something and it all goes wrong. Don't worry though, Im a great believer in fate, so it was all for the best that you stayed home x

  2. im sorry u missed the ballet. i love going and still havent gotten around to seeing the nutcracker myself.
    i hope u have a fab time with the family though as perhaps u could see something with them from the 1/2 price ticket booth in leicester sq if the weather holds out in london. feel better,
    Love Jo xxxx

  3. Oh no, that's a shame. I hope you have a good weekend with your family :)

  4. I am sorry for your disappointment, but glad you found some solace in the snow - and got a gorgeous page out of it :-) I love how you've done the photos here! xx