Sunday, 5 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas: 5th December

I don't have an advent calendar this year. Note to self, make one for next time. I am however, doing a Countdown to Christmas with my church from back home, where each day you get something to think and pray about and also donate a little bit of money as a way of counting your blessings. I think this is a lovely idea although expensive as on the 1st, you had to donate 10p for every cookbook you own. And I suppose as I light candles each night during advent, and do JYC, I am counting down in my own way.

So I journalled about getting advent calendars from Nanny when I was younger. They always had Christian themes - you'd get a picture from the Nativity story and a Bible verse that would unroll as the days passed. But she also used to give me a packet of milky way Magic Stars so that I wouldn't miss out on having a chocolate each morning! I really think she was onto a winner there as a packet of Magic Stars often had 30+ stars which meant you got loads of extras as opposed to the measly 25 in commercial calendars!

I've been playing with photography for this picture and also acrylic painted the edge of my page. Instant snow effect!

Kisses xxx

P.S. This brings me up to date with JYC. Loving this project!


  1. It's a gorgeous page and I like your advent story too :)

  2. this is another beautiful page and im glad im not the only one who hunts high and low for a nativity themed advent calendar. i love the story about ur nanny and i think the money is a gr8 idea. i have my advent candle which i light each night although i lost it and found it last evening so it burned for 5 days worth
    jo xxx

  3. Stunning page! I love your works!