Monday 6 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas: 6th December

For my Christmas memory, I picked something that actually isn't technically from Christmas. The photo is from a big snowfall we had in Oxford when I was a student. We woke up one morning and everything was covered. I did totter dutifully to my lectures in the morning but the rest of the day was spent blissfully playing in the snow. Oxford colleges have zillions of lawns and normally you're not allowed to go on them expect at very specific time. Like croquet season.
But it seemed like normal college rules were suspended and we had a huge snowball fight (which got broken up by the bursar when one snowball went through is window - who has their windows open when it snows?) and slid down a big snow slide on one lawn and snowman sprang up all through the grounds.

This one was in St John's quad, which is the one the tourists have to enter. It turned out the porters had gone out really early and built him from the snow they cleared from the paths. Where they found the mortar board and gown they weren't saying but he looked terribly academic, dont-you-know. And I think he was responsible for lots of the tourists that day as he was the first thing that they could see through the porters' lodge gate.

Just need to add the date! I wanted to include this picture for my memory today, partly because I love it and partly because it makes a nice contrast with my page from the 2nd. Just not enough snow!!!!

Had a fab evening having fish and chips with the Guiders in the Hut. Sounds weird I know, but it was so lovely. A story for another time!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Got my Christmas Radio Times. Massive fun to be had with a long sit down, a cuppa and a biro for circling the all-important Christmas vegging out time. Now all I need is the time. Big Christmas tradition and makes up for all the telly I don't get to see during the year!

P.P.S. School concert tomorrow so might be a little while before that page happens.


  1. Lovely LO! I love the vibrant colours!

  2. hope the concert went well and u have got lots of tapes to record all that christmas tv. i can imagine porters running after the students with their snowballs, all very inspector morse and the snowman covers a dead don with an axe in his chest, haha. love the lo as ever
    Jo xxxx

  3. Fab page again, I love how your album is coming together. A big part of christmas is working out what you want to watch after a big dinner! :)

  4. Love the pattern paper in this Lo! x Fab page