Tuesday 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to one and all! I'd like to use this post to share a few scrappy aspirations for the coming year. (I'll deal with resolutions once I've scrapped them!)

I made this page about my housewarming and it kind of represents everything that I want to do this year with scrapping. I love playing with supplies (this Studio Calico kit was a stunner) but I find that there's not usually enough room to get all the journalling on that I want. I'm finding it harder and harder to find a balance between design including pretty stash, photos and journalling. The latter is probably most important to me, and I like to see my handwriting there in front of me. I don't want it typed or hidden away.

For a long time now, I've been a 12x12 scrapper. I like that I can keep all my pages together in the same kind of albums then. Plus I like the space. Mini books have never appealed simply because I've felt I can't fit enough on a page. And then I have to find somewhere to keep them and it won't slot in with my other pages.

Enter 2011. I'm going to scrap the 12 by 12 pages I want to scrap but I'm no longer going to limit myself to this size.

I'm not going to do minibooks. I'm not going to do different size albums.

This year is the start of something new for me. I'm going to work with divided page protectors. So for my New Year's Eve party I can scrap 12x12 with a few pics so that I get my design and some journalling. Then I can divide a page protector and make, for example, a 6x12 journalling card so I can journal everything I want to including details that don't fit on the 12x12, a 6x4 photo that I love but perhaps doesn't really tell any more than the one(s) already scrapped and 6x8 page with smaller photos.

And This won't be every time. Some things only inspire one page. There are plenty of photos I love but have no inclination to scrap because how much is there to say about another pretty picture of twinkly lights? This way, I hope to able to do everything I want while still staying in 12x12, highlighting photography and stories and still being able to scrap with beautiful stash.

Long post! Let's see if it works!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Ophthalmology Chicken is a game invented when were practising examining each other's eyes. You have to examine someone's right eye with your right and vice versa, otherwise you can accidently end up smooching!

P.P.S. The spelling mistake in the title is now corrected!


  1. wow, love the details on your blog Miss Smith. x will come back to see some more of your work x

  2. I'm thinking the same thing too - I'm moving towards a lot more journaling and am finding the balance a hard one to pull off. Curiously, I have found 8.5x11 a better size for adding a big chunk of journaling and I have been experimenting with it.

    Happy New Year Miss Smith

  3. Interesting idea, I look forward to seeing some examples :-)

    Happy New Year to you too! xx