Sunday, 23 January 2011

Through the Window

Few pictures snapped on New Year's day. My friends and I spent some time tooling around London in the dark, peering in the shop windows and admiring the displays. Everything was closed but all the lights were on and the decorations were beautiful. It was cold and our breath came in clouds, but we were full of delicious tea and cake, so a worthy trade-off. I've got loads more pictures to go in my album as an accompanying page, but that's not done yet.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Hurrah for Lark Ride to Candleford on a Sunday night!

P.P.S. Spent all day getting caught up and a bit ahead with school work so hopefully much more scrapping this week!

P.P.P.S. Crate Paper's CHA releases are LUSH.

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  1. What a great layout, love the masking and colours you've used.