Sunday 27 February 2011

Is That A Shark?

...Probably not.

But just before you are supposed to attempt water skiing is not a good time for your so-called friends to tell you about that time that there was something in the water swimming after them. Plus it was getting cold and dark so I refused point-blank to get in. In my defence, I'm not a wuss. I just hate the idea of being planktified by a basking shark (They don't really have teeth so much). And I did get in the water earlier in the day. So there.

But this was several years ago now. Got back from Granada yesterday and had the most fantastic time. Will share pictures soon!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Can't believe half term is over. Sad face!


  1. Gorgeous layout, love the colours and paint and great way to do the journaling too!

  2. I love your scrapping style Kirsty and that photo is priceless :)