Monday 21 February 2011

School Days

Half term! It's been a busy week with parents' evenings, Guides, Egyptian Book of the Dead
night at the British Museum. It's also been a week of new year's resolutions. I have started
my Guide Leader training and I booked a great trip as part of my travel plans. Unfortunately,
I booked a holiday to Egypt so I've cancelled it again and so travel plans shattered. I'm reading
the books on my shelves instead of buying them but the choir I joined didn't work out. Finally
I have been writing down the little anecdotes that amuse me at school and I'm looking forward
to scrapbooking them. This page is the beginning of that - it just talks a little about my job and
how much I love it.

Not that I don't enjoy half term too!

I also had a FAB weekend away with the GoGo girls. It's the first time I've got together with the
design team and we had a great time scrapping and chatting and watching Take Me Out (not my
choice - more on that to come!) Lovely cottage, lovely ladies and soooo relaxing.

Oh, and on Wednesday, I'm hopping across to Spain with a friend to visit another friend. So some
travel plans are still standing at least.

Have a great week!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Glee tonight was brilliant!

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