Wednesday 30 March 2011


I baked biscuits for the maths department - having birthday yummies is a bit of a tradition. I made about sixty biscuits: ginger, oat and raisin, and peanut butter and white chocolate.

We nibbled throughout the day. I left four biscuits in the jar ready for the next morning. I biscuit with the ol' morning cuppa goes down well and I had reserved one for a colleague who wasn't very well.

I arrived and found this...

Manfully, I shook my head and smiled ruefully. Morning biscuit was not to be. It was only at the end of the day that I discovered that my naughty colleagues hasn't eaten them at all. They'd filed them! Honestly, they're worse than the kids.

So we all had (slightly stale) afternoon biscuits instead. Lovely!

P.S. They may have done this because of an incident before Christmas when someone hid someone else's quality street all around the office. Rumours that it was me are unconfirmed*

P.P.S. I am drowning under a HUGE pile of marking: yes, it's past paper marking season. I ordered myself a Chinese take out to cheer me up. Totally worked ;D

*Although it was really tricky to put the post-it note dispenser back together once I'd crammed in some sweeties.


  1. I was a teacher years ago, Grading papers is definitely one of the jobs I do NOT miss.

  2. Office haha's are the best! :-) too funny!

  3. LOL!!! That's too funny! Glad you work with such a great crowd.

  4. yuuuuum - one thing I miss since working at home is birthday treats with colleagues

    visiting from Shimelles class

  5. Oh wow! Check you out, amazing baker and amazing scrapbooker! They look really yummy, seeing as I can't cook my Mum is arriving tomorrow with cake! x

  6. Hello Miss Smith, Just wanted to say hi. I've found you through BFS and love your blog. Love the biscuit story, you obviously work with a great bunch of people.

  7. It sounds just like my department at school. We are always winding each other up and playing little tricks to make the day and stress go away!! We also enjoy what is now known as fat Friday!