Tuesday, 29 March 2011

It is bare difficult to spell homophones

This is a tale of woe and spelling. If you have a delicate constitution* and a dread of such things, probably best not to read any further.

Bare means very. This much I have ascertained. In fact, it would be impossible to follow the conversation of the average student without being fully acquainted with this fact. And yet, however great my command of the colloquial, the spelling eludes me. Until today, I thought it was bear. Y'know, like grizzly.

If something is "bare sick", it is very good. Similarly, if something is "bare dread" it is not very good at all. One might go so far as to say it is distinctly unpleasant. If all this becomes too much, then "jam ur hype" means "Would you kindly stop talking immediately?".

And this is peachy keen and usually gets the point across, and it would all have been fine had I not started wondering why bear and not giraffe, lion, camel or any one of plethora of zoo-dwelling creatures. As it turns out, the reason is because it's not bear at all.

I am going to have to resign my title as the most Gangsta member of the maths department. Obtained the best way through bribery, coercion and all-round general threats and corruption. Unless I can convince my students that correct spelling is not very Gangsta anyway. Which it isn't.

And speaking of being Gangsta, I have made a page about the Birthday Tea Potter. The sherbet pictures were calling to me, but I managed to fit them all on!

Kisses xxx

P.S. In my defence, "teddy bare" is sometimes used to mean very, very. How was I supposed to know that it was a pun?

*It would, however, have to be extremely delicate.


  1. I've never heard anyone using bare to mean very around here in the US, but my kids are not teens yet. I live in dread of learning the new lingo.

  2. 'bare' is new to me I have to say! Love the LO

  3. this post is so ''bare'' it's hip! love the explanations, i'll try and be more gangsta with some of my teen mums now,
    Jo xxxx

  4. This post made me smile. i have all this yet to come and from someone who struggles with text lingo!! Beautiful lo, love all your journalling.

  5. Just yesterday I was helping in my sons class, Yr 2, and they were working on homophones .... nothing to this degree of difficulty though ;-)

  6. How funny! Great explanation of the slanguage! I'm still learning :)

  7. Love the layout - but that goes without saying, right? :-)

    I knew it was 'bare', but I'm sure you did too really, and were wondering about other beasts in a purely ironical sense....

  8. Great layout.... love the post!