Friday 25 March 2011

It's birthday weekend...

Exactly when it is I'm not telling, but yours truly will be turning 24 very soon!

Birthday weekend this year involves something new and fulfils a New Year's Resolution: to go on a tea potter*. What could be better than tea, cake and puns all rolled into one? Don't try and think of anything because it does not exist. Fact.

First thing tomorrow I'm going to get a couple of rolls of film for little Lomo above, and bring big daddy camera along too. For slightly more predictable documentation purposes. Then we will hop from shop to shop, teapot to teapot, gobbling up cake and generally catching up and putting the world to rights. Sorted :D

Hopefully I can get some goodies on camera because I want to spend the weekend scrapping some of the pictures while I wait for the film to be developed. And I've even tracked down some great new inspiration here. I love the designs on these cards. And some of these have arrived today, just in time to help me out! And when I'm not doing that I am going to eat a lot of mac and cheese.

Kisses xxx

P.S. This totally counts as my Blogging for Scrapbookers post as it is a picture of my camera in my flat. Yup, definitely qualifies.

P.P.S. Then I'm going to try an write one of those 25 before 25 lists. More on that another time.

*If you don't know what a tea potter is, I don't blame you because it is a beauteous thing of my own creation. Think pub crawl but instead of alcohol, think caffeine and instead of peanuts, think cake, and instead of drunken crawl think graceful lilting and sparkling conversation. I hope.


  1. Your tea potter sounds fab! Hope you have a lovely birthday and take loads of good photos for scrapping.

  2. Happy birthday, love the tea potter idea, much more refined, you know ...

  3. Happy, happy birthday to you! xx

  4. Happy birthday! I think it sounds like a good b-day plan... get yourself a tiara! Nothing adds to sparkling conversation better than a tiara. :D

  5. Happy birthday! I love your tea potter idea - sounds like fun to me! :) Enjoy.


  6. awww happy birthday girlie, cant believe u wont tell us when though, teehee. i love the idea of a tea crawl, me and my girlies like tea, beer and cake so we often mix and match. i love this fab lil place in leicester square which sells the most divine cakes ever and down here we have a gr8 cafe called pickwicks which does the most incredible cakes. i will get a lovely cupcake from my friends in the market today and think of u turning such a young age as i eat it. if i tell you you werent even bron when i left home to start my nurse training will u hold it against me?
    Jo xxxx

  7. Happy Birthday!

    Re: the age thing - I can only echo Jo's comment and ask you not to hold it against me either!