Wednesday 6 April 2011

25 Before 25...

It's sunny! Wish I was here, but at least I have cheerful weekend times to look back on :D

Anyway, I've seen these lists on other blogs in the past and as an enormous lists fan, I thought I'd concoct one of these for my self. So, without further ado, beyond a quick fanfare from a proper Yorkshire brass band, these will be my 25 things I want to accomplish before I'm 25...

1) Take every opportunity to travel.
2) Learn to crochet granny squares.
3) Take a photography course.
4) Improve my Spanish.
5) Have a London scrappy event.
6) Go to the globe.
7) Write down my school-year anecdotes.
8) Frame and display a mosaic of photos on my wall.
9) Go for a really posh afternoon tea.
10) Make a brightly coloured layer cake.
11) Organise my photos.
12) *Secret*
13) *Secret*
14) Get all my pages into albums properly!
15) *Secret*
16) Find a place to get chipotle chillies and cook with them.
17) Make a crazy union flag skirt for the last night of the proms.
18) Get a tent and go camping.
19) Put together my Guiding camp blanket.
20) Finish my unfinished knitted jumper!
21) Get to grips with the sewing machine.
22) See the Nutcracker at Christmas.
23) *Secret*
24) Branch out and try a new mac and cheese recipe.
25) Organise my photos.

Also, if you're hangin' out UK stylee, then I hope you're enjoying a lovely day! I can't get my car radio to work at the moment so I have to be my own radio. Today I was singing half-remembered-snippets-from-Glee-mixed-with-campfire-songs. It's an eclectic mix, but I like to think I am doing my bit and entertaining the local populous in these times of stringency.

Kisses xxx

P.S. In fact it's sooooo nice today that I brought my marking home with me. Score! Hence no crafting for a couple of days. Sad face!


  1. What a nice list. :) I hope you succeed! Makes me want to create one too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. What an interesting list! I'm curious about the secret entries now!

  3. Ooooh what could your secrets be????? LOL :) You make me feel so old, oh my! I'm 40! I remember how much energy I had at 25. Sad face. Want to trade? hehehehe

  4. Great list! I made one as well but I just wrote it in a notebook - wasn't sure about sharing all of them with the world but I like the way you've made some of them *secret*, maybe I could share them after all?

    If you want any help with number 5, i've been thinking how fun it would be to organise a scrappy/bloggy meet-up even if it's just a picnic or something to start off with? If not, we should def catch up again soon!

  5. I'll join you at The Ritz for tea...definately one of my ambitions.

  6. Cool list! London scrappy event sounds cool!

  7. loving the list. i've been for tea at the ritz and it is wonderful. they just keep serving u food until u pop! can i come to the nutcracker with u please, it's one of my wishes too?
    Jo xxx

  8. Great list and an entire post full of smile-worthy bits!

  9. I love your blog! I think it's my favourite! Fab list, you're going to be busy for the next 2 years...I'd love to come to number 5! And I'm with you on number 2. Enjoy the Sun, I went to Costa at THe Spires yesterday, was lovely!

  10. Hooray for sunshine! :-)

    Great list, great ideas - can't wait to hear your progress reports! xx

  11. Just to let you know the Nutcracker is on at the London coliseum at Christmas (I know as I'm going - can't wait).