Wednesday 20 April 2011

Good Advice. And a Winner...

So, first and most importantly, I need to announce a winner of the Washi tape. So without further ado, I proclaim that Rachel B, if you email me (kirsty dot merran at googlemail dot com) your address, I will send you a treat! Yay!

For the Scrap Factor auditions over at UKScrappers, I had to make a non-photo page. Never done that before. But I figured I needed to scrap something that I didn't have any photos for, so that I wouldn't miss them.

And so to good advice. Please don't get the impression that I'm going to give some. I deal mainly in awkward/comedic/tension relieving sarcasm, or at the very least, I like to think I do. But I do like to receive good advice. Especially if it's pithy and easy to recall.

When I started training to be a teacher, lots of people gave me advice. Much of it was indeed pithy and easy to recall. Treats such as

"If you're a woman, always wear good shoes and chunky jewellery"

" 'On the floor' is not a filing system"

"On break duty, if you take one crisp from each student, you don't need to bring in your own packet"

This is advice of a sort and it's definitely pithy, but I would not necessarily term it good. Good advice ran more towards the:

"Make sure you make time for yourself of teaching won't just be your job, it will be your life"

Good advice, but not as pithy. So where does the middle ground lie? My favourite piece of good advice came from a highly unexpected source: a very sombre, academic sort who mentored a group of us in one of the schools we trained in. And it went like this:

"Teaching is not an act. But it is a performance."

I think this is great advice: approach each lesson with bounce, enthusiasm, a clean sheet, a new leaf, another tautological metaphor that means the same thing and good humour. But don't ever be fake because they will see right through you. Good advice.

And pithy too.

Kisses xxx

P.S. And making that page was how I found out that if your story doesn't need pictures, nor does your page. Gotta have a moral.


  1. fantastic advice there, i got some gr8 stuff when i began training as a nurse including the dont talk about ur job at the dinner table but it never worked. i hate to talk shop but sometimes, just sometimes it is a terribly necessary evil to deal with what u face each day.
    i love the teaching is an act idea, i always found it very dramatic teaching 6th formers, they could spike and spit but sometimes, just sometimes they'd do something rather sweet,
    Jo xxx
    ps loving the page with no pic

  2. That is so true - mind you I dolike the advice about the crisps. I'm very selective though - I once got caught out by an acid sweet :0S

  3. So true...teaching really IS a performance- somedays you feel like a Butlins' redcoat!

  4. Congrats, Rachel! And I love the advice :) Except that we're not allowed to take food from the kids :( Love the layout, best of luck in the contest! xx

  5. I love that advice and as a teacher agree absolutely. It may not be a filing system but does 'on the floor' count as a storage place for craft stuff?!?

  6. :lol: Kirsty - you do make me chuckle!

    LOVE that LO:D Lx

  7. As a teacher I could not agree more with the teacher advice :) Very nice that the journaling is just like a photo :)

  8. I'm a teacher too and love the advice! Great idea for a page and love the result!

  9. I'm sure your students appreciate your "performance" approach to teaching, especially compared to the taught-it-this-1001-times method that some teachers use. And I'm guessing you get pretty good results too. Thanks for your commitment to an extremely demanding profession.

  10. It is a beautiful page Kirsty. I couldn't agree more, I teach mainly 14-19 year olds and the same rule definitely applies.....

    ...and thank you so much for picking me! I am so excited :)