Thursday, 14 April 2011

Medical Case of Too Much House

I think I might have a terrible disease.

I’m not a hypochondriac, honestly. In fact, while I wouldn’t describe myself as the possessor of a risk-taking personality, I think I am pretty happy-go-lucky in an optimistic sort of way.

But now it is the school holiday and I have started watching House. I like scrapping to it. It’s engaging enough to hold my attention while I ink the edges of 83 000 bits of paper, but predictable enough that I know what’s going on if I need to peer down at my layout and shuffle bits and pieces around. I’m a big believer in the shuffle.

For those not familiar with the format, in each episode, Doctor House grudgingly takes on the care of a patient with a mysterious illness. It has to be mysterious for two reasons: firstly if it were simple he wouldn’t need a whole team of doctors to assist him and the dialogue would be somewhat one-sided, and secondly they would cure and send home the patient before the first set of adverts.

Doctor House is a maverick, a loose cannon. He has to be as he’s the main character in a medical drama. He’s also damaged emotionally. See above. Anyway, each episode, House and his team diagnose illness after illness until they hit the right one and cure it, usually at the last minute before a fatal dose of the wrong medicine/liver transplant/end credits etc. And by telling you this, I’ve basically just ruined every episode for you.

How does this affect me? In MORE THAN ONE episode, the patient asked a question and then couldn’t remember having asked it and asked again. Today, this happened to me. I asked my brother twice if he wanted a cup of tea because I couldn’t remember having done it the first time. Both times in House, this meant that the patient had an enormous tumour/tapeworm in their brain for which they needed needles poked in their eyes and brain surgery.

You understand my uneasiness?

Of course, all this could be rubbish and I’m simply a squeamish numpty with an overactive imagination. I’m just saying y’know?

And then I wonder if I should scrapbook things like this. I like to imagine my grandchildren looking up watching poor-quality (for then) episodes of House on FutureYoutube and laughing at me. (And maybe behind the laughter being a little bit afraid of having needles poked in their eyes.) What do think? Scrapbook the crazy? After all, it's a part of me ;D

Kisses xxx

P.S. Having slight internet/photo issues at the mo hence pictureless posts. Add to that I am working on secret projects... all shall be revealed!

P.P.S. Totally excited for Mel's Alphanumeric Blog Hop! Check it out on Sunday! And before then, a bit more on Scrapfactor. Thanks for your comments: once internet is quick again I shall go on a commenting frenzy, I tell you!


  1. i've seen this episode of house and know exactly how you feel lol!! i often forgot i've asked something and ask again. More often than not though i reach the top of the stairs and forget what i've gone up there for! i'd say scrap it,

  2. ah house, i have to say i jumped ship after a while and now watch bones instead. much more satisfactory as the clients are all dead. too much nursing stuff for me in house and it got frustrating. hugh laurie is good in it though,
    Jo xxxx

  3. When we watch House as a family, we always make bets on where the predictable huge stream of blood will be coming from on the patient. Love Hugh Laurie!

  4. Yep, we are all big fans of House too :)

  5. Note to self: Do not watch House.

    Definitely scrap the story, yes!

    Can't wait for Sunday :-)

    And - YAY for Scrapfactor!! xx

  6. I'm a CSI:NY fan and I now imagine all kind of awful scenarios when the kids are late getting home! I've never seen House but I love Grey's Anatomy, so I know where you are coming from with the amateur diagnoses!

  7. Sooo funny! We love house here too and can totally relate to that story - I definitely think you should scrap it! :)

  8. Ooh I love House! But find it hard to guess the diagnosis tho I occasionally say something sensible! Deinitely scrap the crazy love that idea!! In fact that could be the title for a whole album of most of the stuff that happens here lol xxx

  9. Just found your blog after perusing the gallery at UKscrappers! Great blog and love your layouts :)
    ps. you should scrapbook it! Can you imagine the giggling to be had in 5 years or more! :)