Saturday 9 April 2011

School's Out!

And good morning to you all! The sun is sunny but not too hot, all my windows are wide open, I've had a productive morning cleaning to the sound of Classic fm on the radio and I am going to spend the rest of it scrapping and baking. Bliss! Two long shiny weeks of freedom are ahead and I intend to make the most of them.

The parents are coming today (hence the cleaning) which means two things: first of all, Mum and I will make our annual pilgrimage to the Big Stamp and Scrapbooking Show this weekend at Ally Pally (Dad will have to look after himself) and secondly we can share our big reveal.

This is the first Mother-Daughter challenge we did: the brief was Blue, Birds and Buttons. Some of each had to be on the page.

The page is about me having a film and pizza night to watch Inception. A film recommended to me by my form in no uncertain terms. It was more disbelief that I hadn't seen it than anything and resulted in a bit of a falling out when I said the bit where they all ski around in the snow wasn't my favourite. They thought it was an action film and I thought it was a film about guilt and human relationships. Oh well :D

At the time, they wanted to do their class assembly on Conspiracy Theories. They don't any more (fickle!), but while they did, Inception was all they talked about and so I promised to do film and pizza night at the weekend and see it for myself. Thanks LoveFilm! A quick email round the usual crowd found that Ruth was free to help me out in my time of filmy need and this page was born!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Feel I should point out that as I shared this story with other classes, they all approved of the plan but advised that I eat the pizza before watching the film as "It's bare deep miss" and they were worried I would be confused.

P.P.S. What does any of this have to do with Blue, Buttons and Birds? Nothing. But I didn't have a story to tell about those and I wanted to scrap this story :D

P.S. Anyone else off to Ally Pally?


  1. You are so cute! Seriously, I love your wit. :-)

    The journaling on this page is awesome! Well, okay, I love EVERYTHING about this layout. It's SO beautiful! And the caption for this photo is just priceless. :-D

    And so true... you can't be doing *anything* else while watching Inception! My dad told me he kept getting up to get snacks and bathroom breaks and stuff. Umm... no, Dad! LOL. Ah well. Glad you had a fun night watching it! :-)

  2. great LO ...enjoy the Easter break!
    Alison xx

  3. loving your layout, great challenge. Inception, for me required full concentration!! most things confuse me, so I had to have no distractions while watching!

  4. still havent seen Inception myself, must add it to the list. love this page and the colours. glad ur on ur hols now, sure u deserve it. hope u didnt spend too much at ally pally, bet its very tempting,
    Jo xxx

  5. Lucky you, we still have a week till we break up. (Though - lucky me, I only work part-time, and because of the Bank Holiday and polling day the first week back after Easter, I actually get 3 weeks off for the price of two - yay!)

    I haven't seen the film so for all I know it could be all about blue, buttons and birds...

  6. This LO is so great! I love how the journalling adds to the shape of the page! How was Ally Pally...I made it to Muswell Hill Pizza Express and ran out of time to get any further!! Pizza was good though! :)

  7. Fab LO! I went to Ally Pally for the first time! yeh!!! :)

  8. Great layout, I still haven't been to ally pally. Must go though! :)