Monday 2 May 2011

Banner Musings

Banners are lush. True story. I made this page for the UKScrappers ScrapFactor competition. Thanks times loads if you voted for me because I made it through to the next round! The challenge was to take inspiration from an advert and I found this really tricky. Mainly because the things I usually like about adverts are the words and unless I felt like making a layout called "Beanz Meanz Heinz" (I didn't) I was going to have to work a little harder. And then I found an advert in a quilting magazine of my Mum's with a photo collage and... bunting! Bingo.


"Dad has great ideas. As he says: if he didn't have them, no one else would. And this day was all his idea. First, we had a cuppa in bed. Obviously. Then a crumpet for good measure. While we chewed it over, Dad explained the plan: have a little stroll around Holmfirth's charity shops, then head home for a delicious fry-up brunch in the garden. It's been a terrifically sunny April and we totally indulged in Mum's fab cooking. Plus we had waffles and hash browns. Jazzed! Then we went for a walk around Scout Dyke reservoir. I was conned into believing it was one but actually we clocked 4 and a half miles around Royd Moor reservoir too. Anyway, we took loads of photos, got eyeballed by a committee of six cows (rude!) and finished off with an ice cream. In a chocolate waffle cone. Yum! And then we went home and made curry for tea. The end.

I love being able to visit home, go for walks and catch up with Mum, Dad and Matthew. I wish I could do it more often"

This design was pretty much built around this banner that I cut out from a sheet of October Afternoon patterned paper.

So I'm stash diving* at the moment, pulling out anything with a banner, cutting it out, painstakingly I might add and then adhering it on foam pads. I love the light touch it gives, like something strung delicately across the page. Having a bit of a bunting theme going on in fact. And it's also cropped up on Shimelle's blog this week. I LOVE what she's done with fabric and want to branch out and have a go at this!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Thanks for the camera feedback! Watch this space for more photo info soon :D

*If anyone would like to join me in the creation of an Olympic Stash Diving team, please put your send your available hours on a postcard and we'll set up some training for 2012. Go Team GB.


  1. Gorgeous layout, congratulations... and the stash diving sounds like a right hoot! :)

  2. Fabulous banners and I love your journalling cloud.

  3. A beautiful layout, love the layering, the placement and size of your photos and all your journalling - many a time has my dad said a similar thing!!

  4. love it!! looks great. all of it. banners, journaling, photo placement... tfs. maryjo

  5. i voted 4 you as u know and i loooooooved the bunting +++++++. i am planning a royal wedding page using some of sj's lil musings bunting which was free on uk scrappers the other week. am intrigued by the olympics.........would never be involved with sport normally but with a scrapbooking theme i could have my arm twisted. hope to see the week 3 LO live soon.
    Jo xxxx

  6. great Lo and all the cuttig out was definitely worth it! I love the sound of stash diving and it would be te only thing would be likely to take part in during the Olympics!

  7. Fabby layout, love the photo collage and the bunting. I also really like how you've got quite a chunk of journaling on there but it doesn't overwhelm the page or look out of place. I usually struggle to fit on my journaling and I don't like to hide it away, I'll have to try tucking it into a corner and integrating the embellishments like this. x

  8. Congrats! And love the layout!

  9. LOVE the bunting and the journalling..sounds like a fab day!