Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Banner Ponderings

Subtly different from Banner Musings. But still draped with floaty reams of ribbony paper which make us just as happy. I wanted to share this project: it's a page I made for ScrapaGoGo with the May Kit. I'm a big fan of this one and I think this is my favourite of the pages I made. Pink + Aqua = lush. I made all the banners here using the Stamp (and then painstakingly cut them out) - you can find the tutorial over on the ScrapaGoGo blog. My first tutorial!

And why Green Pasta? It was something of a signature dish of ours back in those uni days. The pasta isn't green but we put lots of broccoli and spinach in the sauce. And garlic too, which doesn't make it green, but y'know, tastes top banana. Only not actually of bananas. And that's why I'm not a food critic. Anyway, vegetables are good for students and we loved this recipe. It made us full and happy because it was delicious and it made our doctors and parents happy because of the vegetables, and because we didn't mention that the sauce is made from cream.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Totally been scrapping to the telly of late: I have run out of House DVDs after Season 4 and I'm now working my way through Grey's Anatomy. In between I watched Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. Why did it get cancelled?!!!

P.P.S. The mathematician and the scrapbooker within me are in love with graph paper patterns. It's like ledger paper for geeks. LOVE and fabcakes.


  1. I discovered crafting to the TV a couple of weeks ago and watched the entire first series of Samantha Who in a weekend. Love the layout - it actually looks as though it had your full attention.

    Also popped over to let you know that the mists I use are Cosmic Shimmer. They're delicious! :)

  2. Very cute layout. Love the colors and of course the banners.

  3. Gorgeous the journalling on the tags!
    Alison xx

  4. Gorgeous layout, I like the cute little stamp....and the green pasta sounds yummy :)

  5. loving the LO and also ur scrapfactor design is awesome. good luck xxxxx.
    love the sound of the green pasta, i sometimes do brocolli too and add in some philadelphia cheese to make the sauce. yummy,
    Jo xxx

  6. We used to call that Popeye pasta because of the spinach!

    I've been working a teal look lately, now you have persuaded me to switch allegiance slightly. Aqua for Spring, I think. Especially with pink. Beautiful page.

  7. Lovely page, this - great colours choices and I like the tags. :)