Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Half Term Again!

Half term seems to have careered into existence pretty sharpish this time around and I am extremely glad it has. I popped to Hay-on-Wye for the Literary Festival with a friend for the bank holiday weekend and had the most wonderful, relaxing, stress-free time. Plus it rained and I got to have the ultimate camping experience. Sort of.

Just wanted to share my page for ScrapFactor from last week. We had to use multiple photos and I worked in a bit of paper piecing as well.

"So Robert took us to see the dinosaurs in Regent's Park because some bloke had told him they were there. When we got there, no one knew what we were talking about. So we went to see the geese instead. Geese are naturally hilarious and have this crazy offended dignity which completely disintegrates when they run away from your camera, honking. Then all the other geese try to pretend they aren't with that one. Anyway, we had an unexpectedly brilliant time, saw (and heard, oh-my-goodness) baby herons, and had a cup of tea. Slurp."

I'm still working together my journalling for Week-in-the-life and now that it's half term and I have a little more time, I want to start sharing that and think about some of the pages I'm going to make. My approach has been journalling-focussed, partly because that's how I scrap, and partly because, I knew I was never going to have time to do the crafty. However, once the journalling is ready, I'll have the record ready to go whenever I like and those snippets of writing will always be here.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Survived another round of Scrap Factor over at UKScrappers - pretty nerve racking each week so thanks times an embarassingly large number if you voted for me!


  1. Your pages are just gorgeous, you really deserve to be surviving each week of Scrap Factor, your layouts are so inspirational. This is no different, I love the paper piecing and the way you've set out your journalling :)

  2. I'm not surprised you are doing well in the "Scrap Factor" competition - you really have a style all of your own and a great sense of colour and design. I love this sun-burst effect page, with the little photos grouped together, the cluster of tags, paper, flowers & bits under the larger photos, the trim and other little bits... individually these are all nice little touches - but you seem to have the knack for putting all that together, to make a stunning page! It's not a fluke either - because I've seen you do it so many times.
    I think you're a very clever scrapper - if teaching begins to pall, you could try earning your living by teaching scrap classes and joining design teams!

  3. ooh a beautiful layout. I think the other comments say it all xx fabulous xx

  4. Yes, the others have said it perfectly!...enjoy the rest of halfterm
    Alison xx

  5. Oh, love the sunburst effect. And the fun title and story! x

  6. I really love this! Such an interesting and different way of paper piecing and also of using lots of little photos.

  7. Congratulations on getting to the next round - love this layout by the way! :)