Monday 23 May 2011

Just One of Those Moments

Tough on crime, fair on justice...Sings a song, has a moustache?

This is one of my favourite ever quotes from the West Wing. If you haven't seen it, see it. Seriously, I'll wait. Anyway, I was (quite literally) making a song and dance out of this quote at work. My niche in the office is being annoying. Anyway, the reference was lost, the dance unappreciated. Whilst complaining about this to fab friend Ruth, not only did she simultaneously quote with me but she had also had the thing stuck in her head. Great minds think alike. Even greater ones then go on and make scrapbook pages. Although it was Ruth that got me hooked on the West Wing so I think I'm going to have to claim hers is the superior mind.

This was my page for ScrapFactor last week - I'm totally chuffed to be through and this week's pages are now up on UKScrappers.

This week, I'm going to put together some week-in-the-life type journalling, although I'll be working a day behind. I've never done one of these before and I know Ali Edwards runs them every so often, so I'm going to take inspiration and do it my way. So tune in tomorrow for the stuff I'm recording about today. Make sense? No?

Kisses xxx

P.S. This photo isn't relevant to the story particularly but it is a picture I love of me and Ruth giggling away on Deckchairs. I love photos from this perspective. Maybe a post on that at some point too.


  1. great fun page, very inspiring x

  2. Made me laugh - I love to visit your blog, because there's always something fun going on, to make me smile, chuckle or even laugh aloud.
    Your scrap pages are great and so is your sense of humour.

    I wonder how the meet-up went on Saturday? Did it happen? Was it fun? We had a great day making Sock Monkeys, but I'd have liked to come up to London and join in the picnic... another day where I'd like to borrow Hermione's Time Turner...

  3. Gorgeous LO, love the colors, sych a fun LO. I too love that photo, great perspective :D

  4. love this page and off to vote for the next round,
    jo xxx

  5. I love this page - has a real sense of fun!

  6. love the West Wing. a friend who recognises a quote is a friend indeed

  7. Love it! Of course you deserved to get through :)

  8. Great LO..congrats on getting through
    Alison xx