Thursday, 26 May 2011

A Week in My life

I'm collating my week in the life stuff although I think I may have hit overkill. Have you ever done something every day for a really long time and never thought it was weird? Try writing about it. It turns out I'm psychotic.

When I get into bed tonight, I will set 2 alarms: the clock radio for 6:30 which is the proper alarm which makes Classic fm start playing, and then the phone alarm at 6:35 just in case the clock radio experiences a power cut and doesn't go off and I miss work. None of this sounded paranoid yesterday when I hadn't written it down. Anyway, both clocks run fast, the clock radio by about 5 minutes and the phone by about seven so in reality it goes off 2 minutes later than the clock radio and still pretty close to six thirty.

I do this EVERY DAY. And it's not normal. I can quit any time I want to obviously. But I'm not going to in case of the power cut and the work-missing potential.

Many more thoughts have been collected and over-analysed and then next week over half term, I can start to scrap them :D

Meanwhile, I've been working on these....

And this....

And this...

Kisses xxx

P.S. Anyone done Week in the Life before?


  1. I've got the two clocks as well, and two projection clocks. I can't see the time on my ordinary, radio controlled alarm radio but the projector clock has a brilliant display on the base.

  2. That's not psychotic - just mild OCD.
    Love your journalling BTW.

  3. My DH and I got three alarm clocks in our bedroom ;-)
    I did Life in the Week last year for the first time! My husband was fed up with my picture taking only after one day, but I carried on - the whole week! And guess what he said when he saw the finished album weeks later: "I like that! When are we doing it agein?!" Can't wait for July! xxx

  4. I can relate to the alarms...I was the same when I was working! I'm impressed you are doing AWIL...I have just challenged myself to scrap something from every day, ON the day, this week (you can see the results on my blog if you're interested) and I found that quite stressful, so don't think I'd cope well with trying to record an entire week...I'll enjoy reading about your experience, though!
    Alison xx

  5. Listen, don't worry about the alarm thing. We slept in yesterday for about the first time ever - on the day my son had a GCSE exam. It's two clocks for us until the end of June lol

  6. nothing is unusual whatever you do. it's all usual for you. i have done week in the life with ali edwards last year and it was fun to keep a record of my first week in my new job. i also do learn something new everyday in september with shimelle and love looking back at what i have done/achieved each time. it doesnt have to be big or clever just something,
    have a lovely holiday week,
    jo xxx

  7. We have three alarms, my phone goes off first, then ten minutes later the tv comes on, then quarter of an hour after that my other half's alarm goes off! I think it's perfectly normal really!!

  8. bet you wake up anyway! lush page.EE