Monday 6 June 2011

Canals and Apples

I'm really enjoying playing with journalling at the moment and making this page for UKScrappers Scrap Factor challenge gave me a great chance to try something new. I cut holes in the kraft cardstock and affixed lined paper behind them to create journalling bubbles. I was really pleased with the effect which creates a bit of dimension and makes the writing seem embedded into the page. Fabcakes! And that's enough self-adoration for today.

Journalling reads:
"Going for a walk along the canal was an accident. Because the guy at the diner said it was closed and refused me French toast, we had to look elsewhere for food. So we wandered along the canal which wound through all sorts of little waterside communities. Canal boats, ducks and ducklings, riverside cafes, people drinking and dancing. Then at Angel, the canal disappeared into a tunnel with no footpath. So we followed little tiles set into the streets in Angel. On the way, we tripped over some awesome Mexican burritos and a cup of tea (hurrah!) and about a mile later, hit the canal. We followed it to Limehouse. We got the DLR there because I reckon we'd basically hit the Thames. Robert pedantically didn't think so but he was wrong. When you've walked that far, it definitely counts. Six miles, Camden to Limehouse."

The challenge was to use a sketch and you can check out other interpretations in the UKS gallery. There's also Shimelle's interpretation which comes with a video. Note to self: learn how to make a video. *envy* Thanks so much if you voted for me - I'm loving playing along each week and there's some really inspiring stuff coming out of the galleries each week. Now onto the next...

Kisses xxx

P.S. I'll be back soon with the page I made for the class at the weekend. But now it's time for Glee...


  1. love this page and have already spied a LO from ur class on rachel b's blog. it is fabulous. loving the ribbon bunting. hope ur enjoying glee although i think it's the really sad one tonight so get ur hankies ready,
    jo xxx

  2. Lovly LO. I might have to scraplift you bubles udea. Looks awesome with the kraft background

  3. I like the bubbles idea, what a great way to add in extra journaling, I have sky+'d Glee as Steve refuses to participate :(

  4. lovely layout. I love the kraft and the lined paper idea! Will have to try that out! xxx

  5. I LOVE LOVE this layout, although you could have guessed as I love all of yours :D LOL
    Your journalling in the circles is just brilliant and your circles cut out with paper behind is what inspired me to do so on my latest LO. Great colours in this LO, great everything :)

  6. Oh, hooray - I can comment again! I've been reading all your posts and trying (and failing, obviously) to comment and getting all frustrated and fed up about it! So, I love ALL your recent posts and layouts and just you generally xx And now I think I'm caught up :)