Tuesday 14 June 2011

Dove or Sure?

I took this picture of our deodorants 4 years ago. And I hung on to it because I knew one day I'd scrap the story. The picture of Connie and me is more recent but as we had just spent a weekend hanging out, it seemed appropriate. So I give you, the conundrum, Dove or Sure.

"Connie and I shared a room in the little Chalet in the Polish mountains. We put our deodorants out and instantly confused them. The ensuing conversation went:
"Are you Sure?"
"No, I'm Dove."
"Are you sure?"
"No, I'm Dove."
Repeat ad nauseum. As Connie said, we accidently produced one of the most underrated pieces of rapid-fire comic dialogue ever to have escaped the London stage. Genius! We were informed that our subsequent giggles half the night kept our friends awake. Two rooms away."

And this page is brought to you courtesy of Shimelle's sketch of the Week

P.S. Car wouldn't start yesterday. Exasperated. Ran around London looking for public transport going in the right direction. Tired. Arrived at work late. Sweaty. Ew. Discovered yoghurt had exploded into bag. Unlucky.

P.P.S. In the evening, after copious attempts to get the car going, I called the AA. Cheerful chap arrived, turned the key and the car started. Embarrassed. Tried to explain that I am not as pathetic as I seem and get him to write a serious fault on the form that he had then magically fixed. Offered to let him take all the credit. Offer deemed not all that generous as I wouldn't have been able to help anyway. Car behaving perfectly today. Think car should have the grace to at least look sheepish. Had heart to heart and explained that I love it but that it needs to be reliable. Car potentially confused as doesn't seem to speak English or any recognised human language. Or unrecognised human language.

P.P.S. Just want to reiterate that I am not pathetic. Honestly. Modern young woman of independent means. Good at coping.

P.P.P.S. Honest.

P.P.P.P.S. On bright side, can scrap all this. Maybe when I'm older I will think of it as amusing instead of mortifying/irritating/worry-inducing.


  1. I love your page and as always your story behind the picture. And BTW: I'm Sure. Not Dove; sure! :)

  2. So funny - great story and great page!

  3. Oh dear! I would have had serious words too! Great scrapbook page Kirsty, sounds like a very funny trip! :)

  4. Best subject for a layout I've seen in a long time!

  5. my car and i had the same problems in the rain, she was a sad bedraggled girl, but now she is all mended and happy,
    jo xxx

  6. A great story and interesting layout. Just found your blog from Shimelle - we are similar, both scrapping teachers! Ha!

  7. sure to be sure....!! great story and love your layout. I've had a few of them AA moments too over the years.....i wonder if its in their job description to ensure girl feels pathetic lol!!

  8. What a tale. One to tell the grandchildren of a chilly winter evening in the future.

    I bet they won't appreciate it either. Ungrateful little bints.