Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Just Getting Down Some Journalling

I never shared this page, that I made for the audition round of Scrap Factor over at UKScrappers. I hardly ever doe double pages as I'd rather do two singles. No reason, it's just not as big. And I can make 2 separate pages about one thing if I want to. Still, here it is, and I wrote about the Drink Shop and Do aspect of the Annual Tea Potter.

Anyway, I wanted to write a little about our school fete, which occurred recently. It's a huge affair and anticipated quite highly by the students. Except the one who told me "It wasn't a good day for me last year, Miss. I fell in the Hook-a-Duck pond".

A highlight is the famed International Food Tent, stocked with delicious yummies made by parents from a huge variety of cultures. And you can always round of Chinese, Indian, Sri-Lankan, Greek and West African with a cupcake and some Pimms while the school band play an Abba medley.

The Headmaster always leads a roll call for the new Year 7 students and makes the same speech each year about the history of the school when it was founded about 500 years ago. It begins "Let it be known..." and continues to be punctuated by this same phrase each time a new historical figure/world event/old headmaster figures in the story. This year we took bets on how many there would be for a 50p stake. I lost. It was double my guess.

The day was rounded off cheerfully by watching the boys chuck wet sponges at a fellow maths department colleague in the stocks. I shall forever recollect the sixth former who, missing with each sponge, went for it with the hose instead. From a distance of 3 feet. I have copious photos to prove it, as well as some nice water-droplet-sponge-in-mid-air shots.

I knew there was a scrapbook page in the making :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. Got to pack up soon as we're taking our Guides camping this weekend. It's my first camp as a leader so I'm more excited that the girls I think. Except maybe the one who has her birthday then as well. Let there be cake!

P.P.S. Obviously there will be cake anyway as that's how we keep the Guides happy. I meant additional cake. Specifically birthday themed cake.

P.P.P.S. So now I am frantically trying to sew all my old badges to my new camp blanket before Friday. Not going to happen.


  1. hope the w/e stays fine kirsty. have fun singing guide songs round the camp fire,
    jo xxxx

  2. What an amazing layout. No wonder you in the competition. I'm just loving the layering.

    Have a great weekend, here's to the weather being kind to you.

  3. Do enjoy Guide Camp..hope the weather holds for you!
    Alison xx

  4. Hope you had a great camp :) That layout is gorgeous, love it, especially the four seperate layered blocks :)