Sunday 12 June 2011

Kitchen Table

This is where I craft. Except for the times when it isn't because I've commandeered the sofa and coffee table and surrounding floor. Plus it's nearer the telly. But this is where I crafted this week. The table is poised perfectly mid-way between the kitchen end of the room for nibbles and the living room end for DVDs and it's extendable for large projects :D I heart open plan!

Actually the table has acquired a layer of paint now as well as I try desperately to meet the challenge set for next week's round of Scrap Factor over at UKScrappers. The brief? No patterned paper. Hence the paint and the attempts to make my own.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Went to the Globe this weekend. More on that when I scrap it but it was AMAZING!

P.P.S. Also went to uber trendy breakfast place that I was clearly not cool enough for but the food was fabby and the people watching fit for a connoisseur.


  1. I spread too and am currently in a similar situation. I haven't been to the Globe since I was pregnant with my DD. We saw The Taming of the Shrew with an all female cast, which put a slightly different slant on it.

  2. I have a craft room but rarely scrap in it so I can be near the television and scrap while my husband and I watch movies. Lucky girl going to The Globe, we wanted to go while in London but didn't make time!

  3. ooh no patterned paper thats a tough one!! i take over the dining room when i scrap, with the doors open to the living room i can see the tv, usually i watch a film while scrapping

  4. Great to see your crafting space, it looks considerably tidy!! I spread across my desk and bed when I craft, and the dining room table if it involves paint or a bit more mess. I like the look of the LO on your desk, looking forward to seeing it, plus I can't wait to see what you do for UKS, no patterned paper, that's tricky. Where is the washi/masking tape from that is on your desk, it looks lovely? :)

  5. Looks like a lovely craft space-I like the layout you're working on!

  6. my craft space is basically anywhere. sometimes i use the dining room table sometimes i use a tray on legs which i can put away. i am surrounded by bits at the mo so it literally is everywhere!!!
    popping over to see scrapfactor now,
    jo xxx

  7. No patterned paper? Euw! Hard.

    We made it to The Globe last summer and loved it. I'll be looking out to see how you scrap (and stage!) it.