Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Favourite Photo Perspective

I take a lot of pictures and invariably lug my lovely camera with me wherever I go and the more I use it, the more I know what I like. For example, I like to use the biggest aperture possible and as I have a 50mm f/1.8 lens, that's pretty good going. I wide aperture means that lots of light gets into the camera quickly and gives a lovely shallow depth of field. So If I focus on a particular point, things in front of and behind that point blur into a lovely soft, light look. And as I usually overexpose my pictures, letting just a bit too much light into the camera on purpose, I LOVE the slightly dreamy look that ends up happening.

This is how I usually set up my camera, particularly to photograph people. And when I combine that with my favourite perspective, these are some of the results!

I love to stick the camera on the ground. That's it. I often prop something just underneath the lens to point it up a fraction (otherwise the entire shot is filled with ground) but otherwise, no more complicated effects needed. And these shots give me great pictures of people in their surroundings, perfect for scrapbooking.

I love the blurred out look that the ground has in the bottom of the photo. Although, it's important to focus on the right thing... However, it shows lots of interesting texture if you miss!

Sometimes, I get the shot all set up and then get a friend to push the shutter. Then I can be in the photo knowing the shot is all composed just how I like it.

Other times, I have to set the self-timer and run. This works best if I have someone else in the photo with me because then I can set up the shot and focus on the correct distance from the camera.

However, when it's just you, or you're making everyone else be in the photo, you just have to abandon camera on the floor, make a run for the spot in focus, smile gamely, and hope no one steals the camera. I am pretty confident in my ability to shriek like a harpy at anyone who attempts such a thing, even if I would not be the speediest at running after such a dastardly criminal. However, an earth-shattering, piercing "Stop, you bounder! Halt thief! Arrest your progress, scoundrel!" must surely bring even the hardiest of hardened rascals to their knees.

It's all about having a plan for every eventuality.*

The beauty of pictures like this is that you can do them no matter what camera you have, so what are you waiting for? I'd love to see any pictures you take from this perpective - if you share a link, I'll collect them all together for a little gallery in another post!

Happy Snapping,

Kisses xxx

P.S. My landscape photography however, is dreadful. Hoping to take a course on this during this year to improve!

P.P.S. Anyone got any favourite photo tips?

*Fortunately I have never had cause to try this out so I can't guarantee its success. But it almost seems impossible that such a cunning idea could fail.


  1. Brilliant!! Love it and thanks for the tips. Will be trying these out on my next adventure. Have to say though, from experience I'm not sure "oi you bounder" would prevent some young scally from flipping you the bird then making a run for it with your camera in his grubby mitt!! :(

  2. I love your photos, this perspective is just brilliant, I need to use it more often, thanks for the great tips and reminder, shall be sure to give it a go :) What camera do you have? I especially love the photo with the out of focus grass in the forground :)

  3. I love this perspective! It also serves to make your subjects look quite relaxed - people often look too stiff standing but sitting like this makes everyone looked chilled. I'll have to try it out.

    I love the word 'scoundrel' I'm almost tempted to try and steal your camera so I can hear you shout it at me! x

    P.S. have you seen my giveaway?:

  4. I took a few photos from this perspective at the maypole dancing recently, which made for some interesting shots. Haven't blogged 'em yet so can't share a link.

  5. Very cool tips! So far I only have a kit lens but my next one will hopefully be a nice 50mm lens. I also like the shallow depth of field but my aperture doesn't get wide enough. :(

  6. These are great pics. I'll have to try this

  7. Well I hope you never have to try that! Lol! I love getting shots from the ground too, must try and appear in more though! :)