Friday, 10 June 2011

Ten Things I Love Right Now

1: My 50mm f/1.8 lens. And it’s been, like, a year.

2: Macaroni Cheese. Can’t stop myself.

3: Actually, any take away or meals out or junk food. Pizza (Dominos please) chips, Chinese take-out, curry, Mexican, anything I’ve baked…. Slurrrrp.

4: The theatre. Coming up I’ve got tickets for the Globe, the English National Ballet, and David Tennant and Catherine Tate doing Shakespeare.

5: Scrapbooking. I love it more and more. And more.

6: Sarcasm. When it’s funny. Snobby intellectual humour. Satire. In-jokes. Just because.

7: Doctor Who, The West Wing, Grey’s Anatomy, House…If it comes in boxed set form and it’s not scary, I want it. Thankyou Love Film.

8: London. What's not to love?

9: My flat. It’s my little cosy place in the world and I can shut everything out and curl up in bed or crash on the sofa and enjoy the little things. Which mainly means tea, stash, a DVD and a book. And it’s not fully sorted yet but I know that it will be and I know that it’s mine. Love!

10: Other folks. So family, friends, colleagues, students, Guides… everyone makes life a little bit more lovely and considerably more humorous.

Check out Shimelle's Blog for more selections of ten things. It's the tenth after all.

Actually, I scrapped this last August. And I have the scrapbook page to prove it:

My faves then were apparently 1) My family, 2) My camera, 3) Amelia Peabody, 4) Junk food, 5) Sherlock, 6) Wahaca, 7) Doctor Who, 8) London, 9) Stash, 10) Lists

Not much has changed then :D I'll have to make a new page now.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Looking forward to reading other bloggers' lists. See number 10).


  1. Love the layout....and even have some of my faves amongst yours....nothing beats macaroni cheese.

  2. Cool list. Except I don't agree with a couple - Macaroni Cheese is YUCK, and I find hospital programmes like Grey's Anatomy and House really scary - they make me worry about all kinds of illnesses and accidents I would never think of otherwise!
    Apart from that, fabulous! I'd love to see david tennant and catherine tate doing shakespeare - sounds hilarious! x

  3. Great list and LO, great colours :)

  4. mmm, family has moved from 1 to 10! I love Macaroni Cheese too!

  5. ooh lucky you seeing david t and catherine t. i went to see him in hamlet, well i saw hamlet he had a bad back! it was a gr8 production though. loving ur 10 list
    jo xxx

  6. Great list and nicely scrapped too!

  7. love your list Kirsty x
    Mac & cheese is a firm favourite in this house :)
    Sheena x

  8. Great list and lovely layout - my DH loves mac and cheese too, but I hate it!

  9. Great post! Good to see dear old London in there.

  10. Dear Miss Smith: Your list is delicious. And I love your layout from last year, too! :-)

  11. great list with lots of fun things! I do love all the naught hings like macaroni cheese and take aways but I am trying to be good at the moment boo hiss!

  12. How fun, what an awesome page and idea to do that with our ten things.

  13. I love the bright colors on your layout. I love almost all of your favorite things (never been to London so I don't know if I would love it!). Great post!

  14. Isn't that lens the best? I love mine as well!!
    I have 2 new shows for you: Dexter and Breaking don't walk....they are SO addicting! Your layout is fabulous! So fun to see how things change and some stay the same!

  15. What a fun list, and a great LO!

  16. I love how you did a layout with your post! Fun list!