Monday, 11 July 2011

The Breakfast Club

The Breakfast Club is a fabulous cafe in Shore Ditch. They have a couple of others as well, but this is the one we visited. As we queued for a table, a sure sign of a great joint, I spied a tub of badges propped on the shabby-chic piano entwined with twinkly lights. It's that kind of place, where the ambiance seems to make your food taste even better if that were possible. Anyway, it turned out the badges were free so I snagged a few to adorn the now-inevitable scrapbook page...

"First of all, the food at the Breakfast Club is delicious. Apple and cinnamon French toast? Oh yes... But it's also some of the best people watching I've had in a while. The place was packed out with ultra-trendy, achingly cool Shore Ditch types in shabby-chic vintagey clothes. And the atmosphere of a mismatched sixties punk diner just soaks into everything. Except the French toast which is soaked in lashings of maple syrup."

If you live in London, go there. If you don't live in London, come to London and then follow step one.

I made this page for the UKScrappers Scrap Factor Contest, from which I am now, alas, knocked out. Allow we a wallowy, self-indulgent "Noooooo!!!!" and then I can move on and say that it has been brilliant fun tackling the challenges each week. The best of luck to the last three and massive thanks to everyone who voted for me. You're the best :D

And the busy continues, so here I must sign off. I have been a terrifically fickle blogger but I intend to return to it with renewed vigour (and lots to blog about) forthwith!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Just want to say that the word vintage was gratuitous when I was talking about the tent here. That's the kind of tent I camped in when I was a Guide too. And the reason we hadn't done the sides was that it was six thirty in the morning. Just testing the camera, getting the wood and water and waiting for the girls to appear so they could do it for us :D


  1. ADORABLE lay out! Wish I could try that apple cinnamon french toast... sounds delicious! :)

  2. Well done on getting so far in the contest - I loved all your layouts. I have been to the breakfast club and can vouch for how wonderful the breakfasts are - yum yum

  3. great layout, the black background is very effective. Shame you're no longer in the contest...loved seeing your page each week. Note to self...must try out the breakfast club next time we're in London - looks and sounds divine xx