Friday, 22 July 2011

Going Postal: Postcards from Guide Camp (3)

The bottom of this pair of postcards is the last one in the series of Postcards from Guide Camp. Although I may make others in the future as I took hundreds of photos. I wanted to mention this particular Guiding routine: getting the welly sticks up. The Guides found it quite tricky to get their tents up. They were lightweight and roomy but you need quite a lot of strength to get them up. So even though they couldn't manage that, they could hammer two sticks each into the ground outside the front door. Voila! Prop your wellies upside down on them and you can grab them first thing in the morning when you're wading through the dewey grass in search of breakfast.

After checking inside for spiders.

If you want to check out some of the others in close up, you can see Part 1 and Part 2. But here's the full set!

You can check out Julie Kirk's lovely blog Notes on Paper for more Post-themed projects and inspiration. I just love this as a topic, and would totally recommend the Going Postal series. There's something so scrapbookey and vintagey and romantic about the post!

Kisses xxx

P.S. School's out! Bring on the adventures!


  1. School is out indeed, and I'm hoping that'll mean more on here. Enjoy your break :) That looks like such a fab set :) Brilliant. Love the wellie idea, so good. :)
    P.S. When I went to Oxford open day I looked at a few colleges, but in the booklets I really like the look of Lady Margaret Hall, looks like my sort of place :) Shall go back in september to take a look at it :) Were you part of any creative societies, don't suppose they have a scrapbooking one? Although I'm not expecting to have much time for that!! :)

  2. These are wonderful, especially displayed like this!

  3. You have such great syle, I just love this project of yours.

  4. I haven't been camping in two years (been having babies) and I miss it so much. We go glamping though ;) spiders aren't invited

    The postcards are great too. I'm going to Bath this weekend so it's something I might try myself. I saw a very cool postcard stamp online the other day too so I might get it and post the things back to people. Haven't sent a postcard in decades but I really want to get back into traditional handwriting.