Monday, 4 July 2011

Occasional Day

We had a random inset day at school today so no going into work for me. Hurrah! Good thing too as I was EXHAUSTED after my weekend camping and slept for about 12 hours. But I had an amazing time, took almost 500 pictures and am getting ready to start scrapping!

And speaking of scrapping, I want to share my Scrap Factor page from UKScrappers for last week. Competition is really tough now with fab pages popping up every week. I was in the bottom two (gulp!) but made it through the knockout round (sigh of relief).

Last week's challenge was to take an old page an re-scrap it in your current style. I really loved the idea behind this challenge and I like my new page much better than the old one.

So here it is old-stylee...

This is one of the first pictures I ever scrapped. Actually, I think it was my second ever layout. I used to do all doubles (at some point I switched from doing almost all doubles to almost all singles) and I had put all the photos I could find from several river expeditions all on the same page. I thought I was supposed to and couldn't bear the idea of leaving some out!

I never quite finished it - the strip down the right was meant for journalling, but I was really pleased with the triple matting and layering I did for EVERY photo to match the three colours of stripes in the patterned paper. I hand cut my title because I thought letter stickers were overpriced and I extravagantly tilted one photo onto the diagonal.

Anyway, here's the newbie!

My new page uses just the main photo and I kept the same title, but all else has changed. I'm really pleased that I finally did the journalling as that's really important to me, and I can include any other pictures I want in the album in a divided page protector without feeling that I need to cram them onto the page.

Journalling reads:

"Navigation on the river is virtually aimless beyond a vague desire to float past the Flete flouting our study-free state. Or to find that bit of the river that requires you to get out of the punt, push it up rollers over the bank and then ride it gleefully down to the pool on the other side. It's important to snap Sound-of-Music style photos and to eat cherries. If there are no cherries, there's no cherry-stone spitting contest to see who can hit the bank from the punt. Strawberries are worthless in this context. On a particularly well-planned expedition, we could pick up Ching and a second punt just down the river at Hilda's. Time can then be carefully divided between catcalling the other punt's crashes and extricating oneself from trees and reeds. And we can play pirates, which involves the boarding and comandeering on the other vessel in order to gain possession of the all-important biscuit tin."

Kisses xxx

P.S. Have been bitten by the camping bug an can't wait to go again! I heart Guides! But now bed and a little bit of Paperclipping Roundtable I think...

P.P.S. Thank you so much if you voted for me - I'm loving taking part in Scrap Factor and really appreciate it!


  1. Can I confess that I didn't vote because I couldn't choose? I didn't want Jemma to leave but I am rather intrigued about how you will deal with black cardstock for your background and something which is off the page.
    If the prize was just for journalling I think you would have it in the bag.
    Love that photo BTW.

  2. what an interesting exercise - have put it on my list of pages to make.

    really interesting to see that your journaling has become a focus of the page - and such a great set of memories to have recorded now

  3. Love your 're-do'! Glad you enjoyed the camping
    Alison xx

  4. loved the pages and voted :)
    jo xxx

  5. Your style has certainly changed! Journalling plays a much bigger part on my pages now as well. Well done for getting through to the next round.

  6. It's really interesting to see how your style has evolved, where will you go next, I wonder?

    And hurray for journaling. Even if pages date, the story will always be there

  7. Love the new current style page, and congrats for keeping in the competition :)

  8. love the new style scrapping styles change! Welcome to the camping bug, we all love itx

  9. love the new page. Nice colours. xxx