Monday, 18 July 2011

Going Postal: Postcards from Guide Camp (1)

Going away on Guide Camp, even for a weekend gave me so many little snippets of stories and lovely memories and collapse-able giggles that it felt a bit overwhelming to write about it all. So I hit upon this idea. I call it Postcards from Guide Camp.

These are the first 2 of 5, although I reserve the right to add to my collection as and when I feel like it. Each one is made from one 6x4 photo with a few embellishments and then a 6x4 piece of patterned paper or cardstock which I turned into the back of the postcard. Beyond keeping the general shape of a postcard, ie, marking out a writing side, an address side, and including a postage stamp made of embellishments, I did each postcard slightly differently.

The first one explains our camp routine...

"And the weekend went pretty much like this: tents up, food, cake, run around like loons, bed, talking, giggling, get up, breakfast, fetch wood/water, second breakfast (cooked), jobs, cake, run around like loons, lunch, cake, run around in the woods, cake, jobs, dinner, cake, run around in the dark, campfire, marshmallows, bed, giggle, shriek, get up, breakfast, fetch wood/water, second breakfast (cooked), tents down, run around like loons, cake, jobs, lunch, cake, get badges, go home. So you see, the cake is necessary or the running around wouldn't happen"

The second describes a few of the camp duties the girls had to do to get their camping badge, as well as to ensure that there's enough firewood and water for everyone! In the gaps, we all mucked about, obviously.

I've got a few more postcards to share this week. I've really enjoyed making them and I will put them in divided page protectors. I'm not going to stick them back to back however: I like being able to see the back and the front at the same time. Massive design flaw with normal postcards. But mainly, I love that it's a great way to capture memories. I'll definitely be doing this again!

Kisses xxx

P.P.S. Only one more week until the summer holidays!

P.P.S. Hop over to Julie Kirk's blog Notes on Paper if you want to see some more lush post-themed projects!


  1. What a great way to break something down into bite-sized scrap-able chunks. Lovely project and so adaptable.

    Thanks so much for joining in! I've pinned your postcards to the 'Going Postal' Pinterest board here:

    Will be watching out for the rest of your cards.

    Julie :-)

  2. i love these kirsty. are u gonna take part in the swap as well?
    jo xxx

  3. great idea, i'm loving the divided protectors too! xx

  4. What a great idea, looks fab.

  5. This is such a fun project. I can't remember why there is no comment here from my visit yesterday... some problem or other...
    Anyway, I looked at the cards and I think they're great. Everyone obviously had fun - and I think you did too. I'll look out for the next installment...

  6. Such a great little idea, I LOVE them. You have such a unique style and it really stands out even at this small size. I admire your work sooo much, just gorgeous. Camp looks like it was great fun. I have camp this summer, I am going as part of my ranger group, but the guides I am a young leader for will be there too, so it should be great fun.
    Hannah :)

    P.S. Which college did you go to at Oxford, I'm finding it hard to choose which ones I like :)

  7. This is fab - a creative way to get your journalling and pics into a layout.

  8. What a clever idea!
    Alison xx

  9. I LOVE your postcard!!!! So creative and fun!!!

  10. PS: Thanks to "Going Postal" I am a new follower :) Loved looking through your blog!

  11. Going to a camp in summer is one of the best memories I have. My mom had enrolled me through in a camp where I met a beautiful girl. We became friends and stayed in contact even after then camp. Now we are married.

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