Sunday 24 July 2011

Traditionally BBQ-ing in the rain.

So, at Maja's birthday party, which is in the summer, we barbecued. It's what you do if you're British and therefore in possession of an endearingly misguided belief that the weather might hold. It rained. Clearly. Actually, it didn't do much, but the token gesture enabled me to make this page.

"The weather just about held for Maja's birthday BBQ which is not very in keeping with the expected traditional downpour. A little spattering is a mere trifle. And Connie proved to one and all that you do not need a man to BBQ, even though Maja foolishly requested manly assistance. Win! (Unfortunately when Connie volunteered to be the many assistance, Robert assumed she was bringing Tim. Error.)"

I went with some wonderful Sassafras for this page. I recently ordered LOADS of their Starters line from 2peas and I LOVE it. It's subtle enough to be background, decorated enough to count, texty enough to be cool.... What's not to LOVE? I also picked up what I could of the Sunshine Broadcast line and some of the Sweetly Smitten but lots was sold out. Sad face.

Anyway, since I was breaking out the Sassafras love, I thought I'd take up the challenge of scrapping a summer tradition. So consider it done!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Hit the National Gallery for Renaissance Alter pieces, St Martin-in-the-Fields Crypt for a cuppa, the National Gallery cafe for another cuppa, Soho for a wander around and Chinatown for dinner. There's nothing like a good London day with friends - and now I can have a whole summer of them:D

P.P.S. Look!!! Fisheye!!!! Let's just say it's a little treat for the summer. I took so many pictures around London with it today, the city won't know what's hit it. But I can fit so much of the capital in at once. Plus, it's impossible to miss with a self portrait....

P.P.P.S. Expect to read MUCH more about my lovely Fisheye lens next week. This week, off to France on a school trip. Back soon :D


  1. What a treat to have a BBQ without rain in the UK! Great LO
    Alison xx

  2. Great layout .... Have fun:)

  3. Such a lovely page - the colours and arrangement of elements are perfect.

  4. The page looks great. BBQs in the rain are the ones I remember the most. We set up gazebos and umbrellas at night too and just huddle round drinking and eating. I mean, how else would they do it in tropical climates if there was a sudden down pour?