Thursday, 18 August 2011

Dissertation Day

I have I love-hate relationship with my Masters, but without the love part. So I made a bargain with myself. I would work on it and in return I would make a page out of pretty things. I'm 15000 words plus a few in, I never want to venture into academia again even if it is free and I'm going through and editing and improving now. It's dull work.

I didn't have a picture. I took a few but they looked contrived. Probably because they were contrived. So in the end, I settled for no picture. I journalled about the good and the bad. The good being it was free as a cunning government initiative to raise the qualifications of teachers, I only had to do 2 years instead of 3 due to masters credits earned during the PGCE, and I bonded with my colleagues doing the course about how much we hate the masters. I suppose on the good list would also be how much I enjoy ranting about the masters. There's nothing like a good rant, I always say.

The bad is basically that I had to do the masters. As a pilot programme it has turned out to be full of holes and seems to me to be little more than a hoop-jumping exercise. Sadly.

But back to the good: it's due at the beginning of September and then I never have to think about it again.

In the mean time I was consoled by my October Afternoon 5 & Dime Miscellany. It's the most wonderful collection of vintage-style die cuts, book plates, chipboard, ribbon and the most beautiful vintage buttons. It's like getting a little bit of each of the coordinating embellishments for the line without having to buy the whole pack. Lots of the stuff on this page is from the Miscellany.

Oh, and I got in the obligatory paper clip, which is becoming something of a staple on my pages now. (Stationary pun anyone? Six bonus points if you got it before you read the bracket)

Day out tomorrow: the Tower of London awaits. I hope it stops raining.

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Thanks so much to those who've said they'll take part in the Giveaway Challenge, I was really touched! I'm totally looking forward to it and I'll be in contact this weekend, just to confirm. If you haven't signed up and want to join in (which I'd love :D) then check out the Giveaway post here!

P.P.S. Planning to do the making next week as I get an idea of numbers and then post the first batch at the end of next week. You've got until the end of the month to join in if you want to!


  1. That made interesting reading Kirsty and confirmed some of my views about some recent government ̶i̶n̶i̶t̶i̶a̶t̶i̶v̶e̶s̶ interference in education!
    Lovely page though and a great example of a no-photo page.

  2. Sorry it's been/is such a pain :(. But you made such a lovely page out of it - and the miscellany one is stunning.

  3. Well, it's sad that you are hating this Masters course so much... On the plus side, it may just help you to a better job/career in the future; who knows, you may even get better pay out of it at some point!
    Meanwhile, you had another scrapping opportunity, with the chance to use another paper clip - Bonus!

    Thanks for your nice comments over at my blog, by the way - always much appreciated!

    Hope the dissertation is soon out of the way and you can breathe again!


  4. How do you create such a pretty page about something you hate!!!? I LOVE the fact that there is no photo, I think it makes even a stronger point!
    and you want to know something funny: even though I am new around here, I thought about you yesterday when I saw a pack of those striped paperclips on sale (yes, I did get them!) :D

  5. For me the beauty of this page is that there is no photo and you've been honest about your feelings. Another stunner

  6. Uh oh .... my son is about to start his masters at the end of September .... this does not bode well! Oh well, at least I will be prepared for the moods and general bad atmosphere!

  7. Aaw - I'm sorry that you're not having much fun, but I *love* this page to bits!! Hang in there! :)

  8. Gorgeous page, really works with no photo. And I want that miscellany pack so badly now! X

  9. I love this page! It is so pretty!!! Sorry to hear you have had a rough time with your masters.... At least it is done and dusted now! (scrappy page to celebrate?) :)