Friday, 5 August 2011

Organisational Obstacles

When I get together with friends, we tend to beat about the bush a bit. Where and when and what order, who can meet up with whom where and which direction will they be coming from. This is often debated in a series of emails and inevitably someone (me, a lot) forgets to hit reply all and ends up suggesting a plan for the morning to someone who can only come in the afternoon.

When all this to-ing and fro-ing has taken place, we roll our eyes and agree to play it by ear. As long as we get to hang out, and tea is involved, and I get my obligatory self-timed photo, the rest isn't all that important. If we make it to the museum, great. If we never find the dinosaurs, we'll watch the ducks instead. Not free this morning? Ring us this afternoon and we'll let you know where we are.

And you know what? We do this every time.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I hate when I write a post here and I like the words better than the ones on my page. I resolve to change this. Still working on it :D


  1. So I take it you'll approach your layouts as if you're writing a blog post lol. Maybe because your talking to your cyber friends when posting but on your layouts you're trying to put the facts down?

    I really like this layout, I like that you set the camera on timer so you get in the shot :)

  2. sounds very much the meet-up conversations we have. first there's the dates to be sorted then where, then how much are we able to afford, what we do and then what,
    jo xxxx

  3. fantastic page, great background paper! you writing is lovely on both your layout and blog xx

  4. That happens to me too. I need to work backwards I think. And write the post first, then make the page and copy the journaling over. I like what Sandra says, I wonder if she has hit on something there? Hmm..

    Beautiful page

  5. This LO is fantastic! I am such a fan of your style but I know it is something I could never achieve! For start my hand writing is not as good as yours!

  6. I like that calendar paper as a change from the ledger and of course it suits the journalling perfectly. I thought I'd give ledger paper a try for a background paper (my pages always seem too solid and I want to try to get a lighter feel) and I'm struggling to find any. Where do you get it from?

  7. I'm about to try and arrange to see some friends over the weekend, and I know it will be the same scenario as you've just described!
    Alison xx