Saturday, 27 August 2011

A trip to the Tower

I loved the Tower of London! It's incredibly imposing and absolutely creaking under the weight of history. And a bloody history it is, in places. I took a tour with an extremely entertaining yeoman warder (or beefeater) Mitch, who was very cheerful, garbed traditionally, and a very good raconteur, doling out enthralling and gruesome tales spanning the ages in a melifluous Welsh accent. After the tour, he kindly posed for photos. Various family groups trooped up dutifully for their snap, but mine was the only camera-at-arms'-length selfie. This was declared to be very modern. Perhaps they don't get many scrappers at the Tower.

Once the tour had given me my bearings, I trekked up and down lots of the towers, although doing all twenty defeated me. Especially as each one seems to consist of innumerable cramped spiral staircases with uneven steps that catch you out! I went to a demonstration of knights fighting. They wouldn't let me wave a flag - apparently that's for the children - but it livened up my picnic and I cheered dutifully for the red Lancastrian. He won, but I secretly wanted the York knight to win. I took another tour in the white tower, the oldest of all built by William the Conqueror, the highlight of which seemed to be sitting on a king' closet. And I had an ice cream which wasn't very historical but was quite delicious. The weather was perfect and I patrolled the battlements armed with my camera. I was not obliged to oppress any peasant revolts, sadly. I'll have to practise my peasant-revolt-repressing skills another time. Oh, and I saw the crown jewels. I have to say - tacky. But suitably royal and enjoyable nonetheless.

I've had a busy week since then - my family popped down for a visit which was lovely, and today I took a trip to the London Aquarium. Oh, and you'll be pleased to hear I spent last night making embellishments!

That's all for now - friends coming around tonight for Doctor Who. Geeky excitement win!

Kisses xxx

P.S. Just to let those of you who've emailed me about the embellishments, I haven't forgotten you! I'm so happy that you want to take part in the Giveaway Challenge (still open if you want to join in!) and I'll be emailing you before long to let you know I've put your embellishments in the post.


  1. I've seen some brilliant footage of a Yeoman and may well be the one photographed with you, as you say very entertaining.

    Enjoy Dr Who I've just this minute seen a x stitch pattern for a tardis :)

  2. Just caught up with The Dr following a similar day traipsing up and down spiral stair cases in towers at Warwick Castle. That too is all set up for the Lancastrians, but I refuse to cheer for them. Yorkies all the way in our house. Looking forward to that embellishment!

  3. Just come from Hannah's blog. I love what you do and your blog makes me laugh !! I am a new follower !!

  4. That's a great shot! Can't wait to see the scrappy version! :)