Wednesday 3 August 2011

You'd better go in disguise...

I had the most amAAAAzing time in France (according to Mum, this is what I say about everything, but I maintain that this is merely attributable to my positive, sunny, delightful personality and the fact that I am a sheer delight).

The boys behaved, mostly, I behaved, or at least, I was no worse than the boys and I took loads of pictures. Some of my favourites were from the Deguisement evening we had. Everyone dressed up French-style and I got some fantastic pictures that I was simply itching to scrap.

These pics are the staff but I shall put others in some 4x6 divided page protectors - too good to pass up but obviously I can't put pictures of the kids up here. Even if they are disguised behind their liquid eyeliner mustaches and goatees.

I love this background paper - made for journalling fans! - and I recorded a few of the moments behind the photos. I went for a rather Parisienne chic look, but managed to get red lippy on my teeth which is definitely not that sophisticated. Thanks to the colleagues who pointed it out ;) One of my fellow teachers wore a top that she'd actually bought in France and claimed to be more French than anyone. Once we added the obligatory beret and neckscarf, she looked positively revolutionary. Perhaps borrowing berets from the Cadets wasn't the best idea. One went all out with a fantastic mustache and (plastic) garlic and then found a little mini-me and one staff member confessed to being embarassed when out shopping for French gear because people looked at him strangely as he was trying on three slightly-different horizontally stripy shirts. I promised to delete the pictures I took as he thought he looked to camp. Ooops.

And then we all took it in turns to wear the mustache. I think we all successfully avoided the French cliche. Alors, non?

See? AmAAAAAAzing time!

Kisses xxx

P.S. I LOVE the summer holidays! What could be better than having time to take millions of pictures and then scrap them all?


  1. When i first looked at this page i thought WOW that journalling must have taken you ages!! lol!! great paper and love the photos xx

  2. What a great layout, so much fun.

  3. Aha! So that's where you have been. Wonderful page - c'est magnifique

  4. bonjour mademoiselle smith, comment allez vous? j'adore votre layout (don't know the french for that i'm afraid). glad to have you back in blogland, it isn't the same without you,
    jo xxxx