Tuesday 20 September 2011

I Stitched!

I learned something new! I machine-sewed on my page. Actually, I sewed on 2, but the other one isn't done yet. I've really been admiring the stitching on pages that I see, especially in the style Marcy Penner does it. If you haven't come across her work, check it out as she designs for October Afternoon and Sassafras, my ultimate favourites :D

Anyway, I've started off small, and just done a few lines to journal on, but I rather like the outcome, especially with a few threads loose at the end.

Thus! Lo! Other Declamatory Phrases! I scrapped the lens baby - finally. I loved the packaging so much as on the box, it said "Congratulations! It's a lens baby!". And when I opened the box, the leaflet peeped out the top with the word "Mama?" in soft cuddly letters. An instant page title was born.

It's of the fisheye variety and I love it because firstly, I can fit whole chunks of London in the frame all at once without cropping bits of Nelson off. Secondly, it's virtually impossible to scalp anyone in a self portrait as the lens sees all. And finally, lovely soft focussy effects. Lush.

So I went with a pic of me, unscalped, and Nelson perched on his column, uncropped. Me and Nelson are like this. *demonstrating that weird crossing fingers thing people do*

Anyway, here's to many more machine stitched and fish eyed pages. Anyone got any good sewing machine tips for pages?

Kisses xxx

P.S. Just want to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the blog hop. A lollipop for you all! I've come away with so many ideas and so much inspiration and I can't believe how imaginative and crafty and awesome you all are :D


  1. Awesome page! Love the title and all the things you tucked behind the photo

  2. Love the layering and stitching journalling lines is a fab idea!
    Alison xx

  3. still waiting for the bravery to hit so i can sew on the LO. i also have a fisheye camera of the lomo variety and am awaiting the completion of my film to see what the pics are like.
    hope you've seen mine and liie's invite for the bloggers craft weekend in november. love to meet you at last,
    jo xxxxx

  4. stitching so suits your style. I really enjoyed the blog hop so thank you too x

  5. Love that title!! Funny you should try stitching, I am about to take a layout round to my Mum's house to borrow her machine to try it out too!
    Thank you for putting the blog hop together, it was great fun! Becky x

  6. Great LO, what a super title :) Love the stitched journalling lines, and the colours :)