Thursday, 13 October 2011

Challenge 2: Colour

Being a mathematician, I find it important to approach things logically, so I've started my month long scrappy quest with challenge 2: the colour challenge. Normally, yellow and blue is not a colour combo that works for me. It's a bit primary colours, a bit bold, a bit too... not sure what, but I've never been keen.

But then came Pinterest. And so I fell in love with the colour combo below. The colours were muted and sophisticated and delicate and cheerful. Not brash and bold and brassy, but subtle and lovely. So here's my page: I went with an almost grey-blue and soft yellows, and stuck in some general grey to tone the whole thing down. And I can't deny I was hankering to use this background paper. It's ledger...that goes in CIRCLES!!!

Everybody say HECK YES. Add some layers, inky splatters and a quick camera stamp, find my journalling about the Tower of London in this post, and I was good to go.

Thanks Pinterest :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. Lovely to hear that some of you are jumping in with me :D Anyone got a favourite colour palette? Or a loathed concatenation of colour?

P.P.S. Guide Camp (indoors) approaches. Better start packing. And preparing to cater for umpteen hungry Guides. Frantically sewing badges to the camp blanket. But the to-sew-on pile doesn't seem to be going down.


  1. Great page as usual! I love how you wrote your journaling on the curved lines of that background sheet! I think I'll be on the lookout for paper like that.

  2. Love what you did with the colour combo...I have to say that any combo with teal/turquoise is my fave at the moment!
    Alison xx

  3. and here is was thinking WHAT? I missed Challenge 1?!! :D Your page is "Da Bomb" I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shaped journaling! It totally makes the page! Been thinking about you as I used some paint on a page that I posted today. I just painted the alphas, but it still counts if I think about you and your challenge while I do it, right?
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. Heck yes! it really works beautifully - love the writing on the ledger paper. Very cool.

  5. Oh, yes :) I like these toned down shades - I'm not a huge fan of bright yellow. Can't so much with orange generally, either.

    I love that ledger paper! Want some!! Who's it by please?

    And, obviously, I totally adore the layout. It's fab and brill and most excellent xx

  6. I love these colours together, I used them as the basis for my LSNED 11. Your layout is FAB, the ledger page works so well in yummy circles! :)