Monday 7 November 2011

Challenge 6: Scraplift

So, I'm getting near the end of my challenges now: this is the eighth I've completed and, because I'm not all that great with numbers, it's challenge six. I love stealing ideas from other scrappers. It's one of my main form of inspiration. But I rarely set out to scraplift so I thought this would be a great way to try something new.

I love this page by Kelly Purkey: it has brilliant misting and wonderful circle details and a feature photo... It's brilliant! Bingo, I thought, my scraplift.

Turned out to be harder than I thought. It's just not my style. No real space to journal, I'm rubbish at misting because I hate page curl, I don't really so stamping and I don't own a circle punch. Error.

So I took bits and pieces. I made a central focus point for my photo (check) and added a few circles to the background which I cut from a sheet of paper that was already covered in pretty circular designs. Check. Plus no need for a circle punch. I give myself extra scrap points for this. (And I award everyone reading this 138 extra scrap points, just for funsies). I added little mist splatters to get the misted effect without page crinkle. Ooh, and I took the twine from Kelly's page too. Because who doesn't love twine? In fact, if you don't like twine, I'm taking back your scrap points.

I added in some of my own stuff though to made the page seem a bit more me. I included a block of journalling (yay!), bits and bobs like little tags and butterflies and lace, I inked edges, layered paper and machine stitched around the edge. Since Challenge 3 I love stitching.

The final result is interesting - it's not my usual style but there's enough of my usual in there to make it feel 'me'. And I would never have thought to do circles behind the design had it not been for listing Kelly's page. So I definitely gained something by doing the scraplift.

My conclusion then, is pretty much the same as when I'd done Challenge 4: Scrap from a Sketch. Scraplifting and sketches are fantastic resources for inspiration when it comes to designing a page. They also challenge me to think outside my comfort zone and try something new. But copying exactly makes me frustrated as it doesn't seem to come out like the original, but also doesn't feel like something I made.

I shall definitely scraplift again. But I'll do it my way :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. Loved popping around and reading everyone's stories yesterday -thanks for the comments you left, I really appreciated them!

P.P.S. Is anyone else feeling totally Christmassy? Looking forward to Journal Your Christmas with Shimelle!


  1. Like how you adapted the original to suit your style Kirsty..and yes, I've started listening to Christmas music and have watched a couple of DVDs!
    Alison xx

  2. Saw your layout on the Pretty Paper Party message board. Love the circles and your paper stacking! Great flow to the page and lovely, lovely color.

  3. you've taken a few elements and made this page completely your own!! its gorgeous x

  4. I like the original but it's too busy for my tastes, I love how you adapted it to your style. You know what else I love? Your handwriting! Just lovely!

  5. Wow, what a beautiful layout! Such pretty patterned papers used.

  6. I love your version of a scraplift!!! You totally made it yours -i.e. the fab layering-but at the same time did something new!
    PS: I am not the internet police but I do believe that the original page is from Geralyn at and not from Kelly but I can't find the original anywhere to confirm! ;)

  7. So much better than slavishly copying a design - now we have two great LOs to scraplift - tfs, and well done on completing so many challenges.

  8. Beautiful! I'm pretty rubbish at following sketches for the same reasons BUT I have done my best and have combined the sketch challenge and the journalling challenge and I hope to post it on Thursday