Monday 12 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas: 11th and 12th December

I love the tree at St Pancras station - it's made of Lego! It always surrounded by people snapping pictures of it and it's great fun to watch small children suddenly light up - I heard one exclaim very loudly to her Daddy: "Oh my gosh! They've made it out of Lego!"

I've gone off on my own a little bit for my Journal Your Christmas on 12th December. I wanted to record memories from the Guides disco.

We turned the church hall into a disco, decked out with tinsel and balloons with little lights inside. Of course, once the first one popped, the others all followed in quick succession as they tried to get the lights out and add them to their outfits. We practised our formulaic 90s dancing, had hotdogs and pizza and also had a colouring in corner for the Rainbows. Bless. Having partied the night away until eight, we packed them off home and retired to Alison's for drinks and excessively competitive Pictionary.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Making a massive to-do list this week. Does anyone else find that the amount of sleep you get per night decreases the nearer you get to Christmas?

P.P.S. That sounds like a whine. It's a nice to do list :D


  1. I've never heard of this Lego Christmas tree before, how intriguing! I totally agree about the lack of sleep around this time of year, coupled with essay deadlines and an exam on Wednesday I am unsure when I'll actually sleep again! After a silly number of hours in work last week I found myself saying "Ahhh, at least I get a lie in on Thursday" and then realising it was over a week away. Once my University to do list is over in a few days I can turn my attentions to my Christmas one, then I'll be excited! xXx

  2. That Lego tree is awesome!!! How totally cool!! Wonder how long it took to make... how big is it?

    I'm like you... sleep decreases as it gets closer to Christmas. I go over and over in my head the things I need to get done as I am lying in bed which I'm sure is what is keeping me awake.

  3. A lego tree?! I may need to get off the tube at Kings X just to go and look at it! Amazing! x

  4. A lego tree sounds amazing!