Thursday, 15 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas: 15th December

Last weekend, I hosted a Christmas Make, Bake and Cake. My lovely friends popped round and we had homemade soup, present swapping, the boys put up my Christmas lights and we had copious gossip. Then I made them all go outside for some Christmas portraits. And then we were cold so we mulled lots of wine and roasted some chestnuts. Between us we managed to fit in some knitting, paper snowflakes, and endless pots of Christmas tea (yay Whittards!). I made an enormous mac and cheese for dinner with a bit of saucepan juggling and we had more tea, mulled some Winter Pimm's and apple - DELICIOUS - and played Articulate and charades until two in the morning. I found space on the floor (just) for everyone to sleep, piled on the blankets and we snoozed peacefully before having tea and crumpets for breakfast. Perfect.

And with these pages, I've filled another page protector!

School concert last night. Blissful. Baked rocky road for the form so that's chilling in the fridge - got to cut it up in time for school now. Ten minutes - eep! Department night out tonight as well. Excellent :D

Kisses xxx

P.S. Merry Christmas friends. MeChriends. (I hope they get that :D)

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  1. Your weekend sounds like lots of fun! Love how all your pictures look together in the page protector :)