Saturday 31 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas: 26th December

Mum made a fab lemon pudding for after the carol service and we begged her to make it again for Christmas day.  It became a bit of a saga however, as first I had to run to the shop to get trifle sponges.  But they'd sold out so we decided to improvise with madeira cake.  Then it turned out one of the lemons had gone mouldy.  Lovely and furry.  So another trip to the shop.  Anyway, Mum managed and she taught me the recipe and it turned out of the dish perfectly.  And at Christmas, you're allowed to dine on double cream.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Happy New Year one and all!  I'm back in London Baby now, so normal services shall resume.

P.P.S. My scrapbooking class Just One Sketch starts tomorrow!  You can still register if you're interested - it's only £5 and every penny goes to charity to support my fundraising for GirlGuiding UK.  More info about how to sign up is here and there might be the odd sneak peak tomorrow.  


  1. Ah that pudding sounds lovely :) Love your JYC book, very sweet :)
    Happy New Year, looking forward to the class tomorrow :)

  2. Mmmmm, I do love a lemon dessert.....sounds delish :)