Saturday, 3 December 2011

Journal Your Christmas: 3rd December

Every year I bake 'Christmas cards' instead of writing them. I think it's more fun. Also more delicious. And delicious is important. This year I'm doing ginger biscuits for cards (and for the Guides bake sale). I got the recipe from Nanny and it's called Elizabeth's ginger biscuits as she got it from someone called Elizabeth (?).

Anyway, I took my recipe to the supermarket, picked up all the ingredients, got home and couldn't find the recipe. Even now it's probably floating around the street, waiting to be found by a passing stranger who will take it home, make biscuits and have their own Christmas miracle. However, this didn't help me. I rang Nanny but she was down the church decorating Christmas trees. This was annoying, but Christmassy. When she got back though, she was able to read her copy of the recipe to me. Fortunately she hadn't foolishly dropped hers in the street. So everyone will get the biscuits.

Except my form who will get Rocky Road. But that's another story.

Oooh, and there will eventually be little sugar stars.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Ginger is one of those delicious Christmassy flavours isn't it? If you've never made rocky road with ginger nut biscuits, you have been missing out. Nuff said.


  1. Hmmm I would be interested in having the ginger rocky road recipe. Baking for your form is a great idea, I often bake for my sixth formers but may have to bake for my form this year too.

  2. Love the idea of giving biscuits instead of cards - they wont last as long but I'm sure they're far more appreciated.
    Thank goodness for Nannys!

  3. I love ginger... so so good. LOL, I had to laugh at myself because I was thinking what is a ginger biscuit?? And why would you want your biscuits to be ginger.... then I realized biscuits are what we call cookies in the USA! Oops! I'm a dork! I'd love to have some ginger biscuits.... need my address?? ;)

  4. Yes - love ginger smells at Christmas
    Do you give your recipe with your cookies?

  5. I lurve ginger, esp at Christmas. Cookie look lovely

  6. I completely love ginger biscuits! Especially during pregnancy, and I love the idea of giving home baked things instead of cards :)

  7. Great idea for Christmas cards.