Sunday 18 December 2011

Just One Sketch: A New Scrapbooking Class

Exciting news! As part of my fundraising endeavours, I've been busy working on a big new scrapbooking project... I'm launching a brand new scrapbooking class. And it's called...
Just One Sketch is a class exploring ways of using a single sketch to create a whole variety of completely different scrapbook pages. We'll be looking at how to choose or design a sketch that works for you, and incorporates all the elements of your scrapping style. Then over 6 weeks, with two prompts a week, we'll all be putting our own sketch through its paces, developing that one design into twelve unique layouts.

In this class, we'll be experimenting with colour, design, size and style. By applying different techniques to one sketch that really inspires you, you can simplify your scrapping process and create pages that are really 'you' as they all have a basis in a design you love. And by the end of the class, only you will know that they all started from Just One Sketch!

Prompts, and extra hints, tips and ideas, will be posted on a private class blog, and you can scrap along at your own pace whenever you feel like it. There's no pressure to 'keep up' and you'll have permanent access to the material so you can use the ideas whenever and however you like. Just One Sketch encourages you to work in a way that's comfortable for you, to embrace and develop your own scrapbooking style and to preserve and share your memories your own way.

This class is ideal for any and all scrapbookers, whether you're a sketch novice or a seasoned scrapper in search of new ideas. The prompts can be applied to paper and digi scrapping of all kinds, and best of all, the ideas in Just One Sketch can be used over and over again on as many pages as you like!

What does the class include?
*12 prompts on the class blog featuring different sketch ideas*
*Exclusive pages designed just for this class*
*Step-by-Step tutorials for a variety of scrapping techniques*
*Permanent access to the private class blog*
*Discussion threads in the comments and space to share links to your work*
*A Pinterest Board with a visual record of all pages of class participants*

What do I need?
All you need to participate is a Google account and email address. If you don't already have one, you can go here to sign up for an account free of charge. To make pages and projects, all that's needed is the stash you already have on hand. But feel free to use the class as an excuse for a sneaky bit of stash shopping :D

What does it cost?
Permanent access to the class Just One Sketch and all its contents costs just £5. That's about the price of a magazine, and every penny goes to charity to support my fundraising for GirlGuiding UK. (Click here to read a little more about my fundraising).

You can pay securely through PayPal by credit or debit card - simply click the button below!

So why not treat yourself this Christmas? Then there's something to look forward to once the festive season is over and we're facing a cold, wet, dark January!
What next?
Once you've paid via the PayPal website, I've be in touch by email - usually within the next 24 hours - to confirm payment and class membership. And if you don't have a Google account, you'll need to sign up for one and let me know your Google email address. The class blog will go live on Sunday 1st January 2012 and there will be a few ideas to get started with before prompts begin on Sunday 15th January 2012

So go ahead, click the Buy Now button above and join me for an exciting scrappy adventure!

Any questions? Please get in touch! You can email me at kirsty dot merran at googlemail dot com and I'll answer any queries as soon as I can.

Kisses xxx

P.S. If you're interested, it would be lovely if you could give Just One Sketch a shout out on your blog. In fundraising, as in life, every little helps :D

P.P.S. The class may even include a video but that is a little recording-quality dependent. Fingers crossed!


  1. sounds lots of fun and a good prompt to creativity - I'm signed up

  2. That sounds really great Kirsty! I signed up as well!

  3. I love your scrapping style and the stories you tell, so I will definitely be signing up for this :)

  4. Your energy amazes me! Support Guiding? How could I resist?

  5. I need another project like a hole in the head, but it's a good cause and I like your endless enthusiasm so I'm in!

  6. What a great idea...I'm off to sign up!
    Alison xx

  7. Yay, awesomely exciting! I'm totally in :)

  8. I found you via Mel and have (a) become your newest follower and (b) signed up!

  9. I'm in too! Have a gr8 chrimbo! C u nxt year everyone...

  10. Just paid but I want to give it to my DD for Christmas. As a scrapbooking Brownie I'm sure she'll love it.

  11. Just signed up for it. Kind of a Christmas present to myself!
    Nice to have something to look forward to in the New Year.
    Happy Christmas x

  12. Your work is always so inspiring to me. I've signed up for your class and am looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us. Thanks! :-)

  13. Delighted to join in - looks great!

  14. Just signed up Kirsty :) This looks great, hope it helps you get under way with your fundraising. Looking forward to this :)

  15. oops signed up but forgot to say HI :)

  16. Just found this class via Michelle's blog - didn't need to think twice when I saw you were raising funds for GGUK. As a Brownie leader I'd like to say "well done" :) Oh and I'm looking forward to the class too!

  17. Well I must of known to check my blog reader today! Nearly missed it!!! Sounds fab, can't wait to start! :)

  18. Hi Kirsty, I've signed up - very late obviously ... but had trouble with emails. I have a gmail but can't see where to email you with my address. Help! :-)