Sunday 4 December 2011

Storytelling Sunday and Journal Your Christmas: 4th December

A bit of a two in one post today! I'll start with Journal Your Christmas, and Storytelling Sunday is below.

Journal Your Christmas

The prompt for JYC, Shimelle's wonderful Christmas class is all about dreaming of a perfect Christmas. Well, I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.

Dear Weather Providers,

I'd like to put in a request for a white Christmas this year. If it comes to that, I'd also like a beautiful house with a wraparound porch that I can sit on with a cuppa and watch it from. But failing that, the snow will do. Good snow that we can build things out of. Like that igloo years ago. Not the wrong kind of snow, because I need to catch the train home. And not of the day when I'm going to see the Nutcracker as last year the tube stopped running and I missed it. But good snow is magical and makes everyone happy and Dad would love it and we could all shovel the drive and go for a walk.

Thanks, that would be lovely,

Kirsty xxx

P.S. And I'd like my car to keep working.


Storytelling Sunday

NB: All names changed

Another one from the school archives today and it concerns taking the register. As a form tutor, I take the register every day. Twice a day. This, as you can imagine, becomes a little tedious. And I don't remember how the tradition started but I do say to my form that I don't mind how they respond to the register as long as it's polite and it ends in "miss".*

They began by sharing pieces of information.
I've got a cold miss
I haven't miss
I like Haribos miss
There's a dairy milk wrapper down the radiator miss
Is there?
Yes miss, it's been there for three days now.
Keep me updated. Ben?

And so on. Incidentally, the dairy milk wrapper resided in the radiator quite happily for a week and a half and the register was filled with various ploys to either extract the wrapper on a weekend, Mission Impossible Style, or a range of sub-ploys from the dairy-milk-radiator-protection squad.

But I digress. Sometimes, the responses keep me on my toes.

Miss, yes.
Oooh, I like it! Michael?
Absent miss.
Don't lie. Alex?
He's gone to the medical room miss.
Is he OK....Oooh, that was a bit cunning.

I have to visually confirm presence as well as taking the register these days. And sometimes they answer for each other to confuse me. For the nervous amongst you, I always headcount and check I've got everyone so I don't get the register wrong. That would be embarrassing.

Don't say Ollie, miss.

I thought that was pretty creative.

My name is Sam, miss.
My name is Yash miss.
Sam and Yash are lying miss.

These days, we've progressed to themed registers. We pick a theme and everyone has to respond according to the theme. So when the theme is chocolate bars, each person has to answer with a previously unmentioned chocolate bar. Everyone except Mike who's got a bet with Nikhil that he can answer every register all year with a different quote from Harry Potter. He's therefore exempt from all themes.

Previous themes have included Pokemon, Animals that taste like chicken, Types of Haribos and speed registering against the clock. When the bell is about to go and I haven't done the register yet. One of my favourite themes was Colour.

Right gents, one again it's that time of day when I read out all your names in alphabetical order or you indicate your presence or otherwise appropriately. Colour is our theme, attendance is our purpose. Are we ready?
But there aren't 29 colours miss!
You're right, there are way more, so off we go.
We got quite far before there was a problem.
Dark metallic blue miss
You're a wizard Harry miss
Dark metallic green miss
Light miss
Light what?
Just light
That's not a colour.
Technically as a scientist, he's right.
OK David, I will allow that light it composed of different colours, but white light is all the colours in the spectrum mixed together. So I don't think you can call it a colour. Pick another one Peter.
Silver then miss.
Can I have microwave miss?
It's not part of the visible spectrum is it?
But someone's already had vermillion.
It's a hard world David. Pick another colour.
We did get to the end though. Eventually.

Well done folks. And there's loads of colours we haven't even used. We could have had lilac, mauve, sand, aquamarine....that colour they always paint new houses in...Man, what's that called?
Oooh, I know what you mean miss.
Angel White?
No, no, no...begins with m. I've got mahogany stuck in my head but it's not that. This is going to annoy me all day. So nobody leaves...I don't care if the bell goes...Nobody leaves until we work it out.
Oh, brilliant! You're a star. Off you go now then, time for learning.

Apparently I have a form of budding interior designers. Angel White? I ask you...


For more stories, hop on over to the lovely Sian's blog, From High in the Sky. This is the last one of the year, and it's been wonderful to read about others' lives and memories. Merry Christmas, storytellers.

Kisses xxx

P.S. The misted snowflake mask idea is totally inspired by (read stolen from) a blogger somewhere on the internet doing JYC but I can't find their blog again. If it was you, let me know and I will credit you with the fabulousness you deserve :D

*There was the day when I tried out chief and after going through the register with a series of unconvincing "Yes Chief"s, I realised I probably couldn't pull it off. The form were unanimous in their agreement. Wretches.


  1. That is the funniest thing I have read on a blog for ages! Love your school stories! Keep them coming!

    I'm a long time reader but rubbish commenter (I blame google reader!)
    Love your scrapping, style & writing!

  2. Mike must pay very close attention to Harry Potter!
    I do hope the Weather Providers take note of your humble request, I really don't think it is too much to ask!

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Haha this had me doubled over with laughter! You are officially the coolest teacher I've ever "met".
    Merry Christmas! xXx

  4. Love it. Wish I could do this with my adults, but there aren't enough of them to making taking the register a legitimatre activity.

  5. Brilliant way to take the register....too funny.

  6. That is awesome, I laughed out loud :)
    My heart is full that there are some amazing teachers out there, do you want a job at our school?

    More please!

    Love the journal as well, yes I don't want to hold anyone up from getting home at christmas so if it could just snow in my neighbourhood (not as far as the main road) very deeply the night before Christmas Eve that would be darned lovely!

  7. Oh this is the funniest thing Ive read in ages. I love it! I am loving your JYC entries and am looking forward to jycing with you if that's ok? toooo funny.
    My teachers were all old and grumbly!

  8. Oh what a funny story it had me giggling all the way though, and I had to read it out to my other half, and I think it's even funnier when read out loud. I bet your form love having you as their form tutor. I always enjoy reading your tales from school!

    Happy December!

  9. If my teachers had done that I would never have mooched off school. I would have spent the whole time wondering what was coming next and never missed a day!
    Thank you for sharing, Merry Christmas

  10. My dear Miss Smith - I thoroughly enjoyed your story post today. How much fun to have a teacher (like you) with a sense of humor and fun. It's lovely to hear about.

    I also really love your journal page and request for snow. I had to laugh because I feel the same way - want the beauty and fun of it, but I'd still want my car to work. ;o)

  11. Great storytelling and wonderful JYC pages. My son-in-law is a teacher and he sometimes gets the class to answer with an accent. There have been some funny moments!
    Enjoy the holidays!

  12. Okay, you've done it tis time. I started to read this out to my two here and they made me keep going and a cheese and onion Hunky Dory went down the wrong way and now I'm going to have to go and make the mince pies early so I can stop the coughing with a dose of delicious Robertsons.

    Your stories and cheer for the whole thing have been much appreciated throughout the year. Merry Christmas to you and your fiendish charges!

  13. Brilliant - you have a great bunch of kids there who also happen to be the luckiest, because they have THE most awesomest teacher ever !! :)

    Snow just falling on Christmas morning so that there's enough to throw snowballs after a huge Christmas dinner would be just perfect! Thank you for putting in your order, I will do the same and maybe we will get lucky :)

  14. Love your school tales - you sound like a brilliant form & maths teacher - who says maths isn't fun?!?!

    Merry Christmas ♥

  15. ha ha ha! Oh Kirsty I love your tales! You have a real talent for writing and I totally get the school anecdotes from collecting them myself! xxx

  16. As an American, I do not know what "taking the resister" is or a "form tutor." I'm thinking from the comments that you are a teacher. I did enjoy the interaction with your students and look forward to learning more from you!

  17. You led me down the garden path ... I thought one of yours was going to be "My name is chris Miss"

  18. Such a funny story, sounds like you have a lot of laughs taking the register

  19. I so enjoyed reading your letter to the weather man & hearing all the creative responses to the register call! I laughed that one student was trying to use all quotes from Harry Potter since my story was all about HP this month!

    A very Merry Christmas to you!

  20. What a lovely post - except now I need to research the color magnolia. I have no clue. Merry Christmas - and I am most certainly hoping it will be an Angel White one for you.

  21. You are,without doubt,the best kind of teacher Kirsty! Keep up the good work..and keep entertaining us with your school tales!!
    Alison xx

  22. I wish we had had a teacher like you being inventive whilst doing a boring task like taking the register loving HP mad Mike too! Happy Christmas xxx

  23. It's a well known fact that men just do not see as many colours as women. Now if you'd chosen makes of car..........

  24. Hilarious! Never a dull moment in your class is there. Here's hoping to a white Christmas - but please when I finished working so I can enjoy it?

  25. My house was magnolia when I moved in, cheap magnolia that took on every mark that ever touched it, you only had to breath on it to make an impression.

    Teachers like you are NEEDED! Keep up the absolutely fab work

  26. my oh my lol! where were you when i was at school....i might even have passed Maths. Fantastic story Miss!!

  27. Love it! Well done on making a boring task such a great start to the day. I love misted snowflakes. I used some as a background on a layout a while ago and I think I will use it again for the snow prompt because I love the effect (it wasn't me that you saw though!)

  28. Oh dear, I'm still laughing. :) Brilliant story this month. Now why didn't I have a teacher like you. Your students are blessed to have you. Merry Christmas to you and them.

  29. Oh Kirsty Smith, you HAVE TO come to our next Bloggers' Weekend! We can't possibly do without you.
    Soooo funny - and a very creative way to ensure (something like) attention while you take the register.
    Great story.
    BTW the JYC page is cool - love the sparkly black/deep blue background - and the snow prayer is pretty good too.

  30. What a creative lot your class of boys are! Wishing you a Merry Christmas. Fiona xx