Tuesday, 10 January 2012

10 on the 10th: Ten Texting Memories

This month for Ten on the Tenth, I wanted to find a way of reviewing my 2011.  And rather than trawl my photos or blog, I thought I'd take a slightly different approach.  And so I bring you Ten Texting Memories.

Or, more accurately, a selection of texting memories.  Because it turns out the texts I have received say more about me than I thought they would.  So I've included a selection of 11 for 2011 here that say a bit about me and the things I enjoy.  

Having these thoughts collected here means I can refer back to them and think of a good way to scrap this kind of journalling. And I was pretty ruthless as I started with a list of 20 or so; when it comes to scrapping, I'd like to include more.

I'll have a ponder.

In in between, I've shown a few sneak peaks of projects I've made for my new scrapbooking class Just One Sketch.  It's only £5 to join, all proceeds go to charity to support my fundraising, and we start on Sunday 15th January (although you can sign up any time :D)

Alle menschen, alle menschen, alle menschen.... Alle Menschen :)
These are the only words my brother and I know to Beethoven's ninth symphony, the Choral.  So we sing them with gusto, even when there are other words.

Well if you position yourself underneath the spout, nobody else will be able to jump in!
My colleague's solution for what to do on my maths course if there was only one urn of tea for everyone to share.  I need more than that.

Gutted.  Didn't get them :(
Olympics tickets.  Nope, not a one.  In the first or second round.  But this seems to have been the experience of the majority.  Still, nice to have such a major fail in text form!

Can you bring worcester sauce or shall I buy some?
I love worcester sauce and at university, I indoctrinated all my friends into the cult.  Now they can't cook without it and I am called upon to supply it on demand.  Apparently.

I think school's open but Gee asked if the maths office could be barricaded so u might need to treat it like an assault course!
What review of the year would be complete without a reference to the dreaded Masters?  I left my memory stick with the most recent draft in the office at school.  When I went to collect it, the door to the office had indeed been barricaded and taped over.  It was an adventure.

I'm here, watching the river.
This message made me feel like a cool and collected young professional Londoner.  I swanned into town after work and met up with my friend on the Thames' South bank before we headed to the National Theatre.

Packing my flag, not signalling distress.  So excited!
Getting ready for the Last Night of the Proms, and making sure our union flags were the right way up.  An improvement on the previous year, it must be noted.

V. excited about cocktails and knitting tomorrow! 
As was I!  Crafting and cocktails = perfect night.

At the gate.  Hurry up they only have one garlic mushrooms left!
Sometimes as a Friday treat after work, we head for the pub after school and have tea and garlic mushrooms.  No it doesn't make sense.  Yes they are more delicious than you can imagine.  And in my defence, I was being conscientious and getting everything done before heading for the pub.  Plus I knew they were lying to me.

Your pep talk & mascot did wonders & they got 137 pts coming 3rd.
Our Year 12 maths challenge team had to leave for their next round challenge during my lesson.  I gave an impromptu and, if I say so, rather rousing speech about winning at all costs, and presented them with a mascot of an elastic band and a polystyrene cup which I found on the desk.  It nearly worked.

Remember to bring your crumpets next week.  One toaster bought!
The triumphant acquisition of the maths department toaster.  £4.  We were told we couldn't have a microwave, so we decided that it's better to ask forgiveness than permission (advice from my Year 9 class) and set up the toaster.  Now the office smells delicious and we can have crumpets.  That's really all you need in winter.

So what do your texts say about you?  Do you keep cute ones?  Ones that make you giggle?  Or do you do a similar thing on Twitter?  I enjoyed this, and I recommend giving it a go, as it's recording someone else's words, not your own.  It's fun to swap things about sometimes.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I'm a bit slow on the crafting front for the blog at the mo as I'm working on pages for the class.  Plus I have gone to the theatre twice in a very decadent fashion to see the Nutcracker at Covent Garden and Noises Off at the Old Vic.  Both TERRIFIC.

P.P.S. You can find more Ten on the Tenths on Shimelle's blog.


  1. Funny to read German words on an English blog ;) But don't ask me about more word of Beethoven's ninth symphony - even if I'm German ;)

  2. well texting is mainly of the I'm here where r u? variety or Running late roads awful. I am not a texter very often so ur's r much more interesting. U have v busy on the arts and theatre front. Last saw Anthony Sher and Tara Fitzgerald nyself and desperate to see War Horse,
    jo xxx

  3. Great idea - novel way to record them. Like it but don't think mine would make as fun reading :0)

  4. I wish I had crafty friends - knitting and cocktails sounds fantastic!

    Thanks for this idea, I'm going to incorporate it into my Project Life album somehow :)

  5. Your texts are infinitely more exciting than mine!
    Alison xx

  6. Fab txts! Cant wait 4 the class!

  7. Love love love this post. Great idea. Love the texts and the bits of layouts you showed. Fabulous!

  8. Just signed up for the class. Yay!

  9. Love idea! I am afraid my texts are too mundane to be bothered keeping :). Love the idea of craft and cocktails.

  10. I can't imagine what my knitted things would look like if I was having cocktails at the same time! LOL The sneak peeks look great.

  11. What a fun take on 10 on the 10th!!! I enjoyed reading your texts and can't wait to see some appear on pages :)

  12. Genius take on the 10 on the 10th! You've intrigued me. Now I have to trawl back through the annals of my texting history to see if I can dig out something of interest. Another project to put on the pile! Love the little screenshots of LOs too.

  13. What a genius idea! I clear my texts at the end of each pay period so have no record of words once sent.

    1. A great take on 10 things. I'll just have to trawl through some of my text!

  14. I like this take on 10 things....so fun! :)

  15. Too funny, love the one about the crumpets. My texts are also of the Wer r u kind! I did flowers & cocktails just before Christmas, went down really well!
    I can't get onto the class pages today, could you e-mail me? Thanks

  16. What a fab idea for your 10 things, and each text really interesting and telling a different story of your year :)

  17. When you got to the barricade bit i thought you were going to say teachers strike!
    Just catching up Miss, won't be late in class (much!)

  18. Fun collection. Sorry about the Olympic tickets - can promise non of us Wookie's applied for any. I too am having trouble with the class pages - can't add it to a rss feed either.