Sunday, 19 February 2012

Half Term Happiness

Hello poor neglected little blog.  I missed you!  But I've been working hard on preparing things for Just One Sketch, my scrapbooking class.  We're nearing the end of class now and it's the last week, so I'll have a little more time for you now.  

This is a sneak peak of a page I made for Scrap 365 magazine.  I saw a call-out on their blog and I was totally excited to submit a page to be published.  In fact, I'm going to snuggle in bed soon with a cuppa and the magazine and try not to think about getting up at 6:30am again now half term is over.

So what's gone on this week?  My parents visited for a couple of days and we took in a concert and wandered around bits of London.  I had a Harry Potter film marathon with friends (19 hours!!!!!).  I baked Quidditch biscuits.  More on that once I've made a scrapbook page :D  I've met up with various friends for tea, been to see The Artist at the cinema (it's fab!) and had one of my patented 'Kirsty's perfect days'.  Which means I go into London, read a lovely trashy novel on the tube, have tea at my favourite place and finish my marking for school, have lunch at my favourite restaurant, visit Covent Garden to get take-away tea and a giant cookie and listen to the busking musicians and watch the people, and then crown with a West End show.  I saw Singin in the Rain.  It's AMAZING.  Anyway, I took lots of pics and will scrap that too at some point.

I'm half way through my fundraising for my Girlguiding GOLD project in Armenia and we're going to have our first briefing this weekend.  Plus school.  Plus back to blogging.  Life is good!

Hope you all had lovely half terms,

Kisses xxx

P.S. Scrapbooking class Just One Sketch is still open to take at any time!  For more info, you can follow the link here, and remember, all the money goes to charity to support my fundraising!


  1. Didn't sign up at Christmas as I had other commitments and knew I would not be able to complete the class. Madness has now calmed for a while and would love to take this class. Just love what I have seen on others blogs.

    Trying to buy now but am having a problem and it won't let me pay with my paypal a/c (I have constant problems with paypal!) Is it possible to send a chq/postal order to you?

    Please reply to

    Thanks Candace

  2. Sounds like a great half term. Hope it's not too bad going back to work

  3. so good to have you in blogland and not just blogclass land. i love going to covent garden but only manage it about once a year these days. love wandering around the market stalls and checking out the button stall. i wonder if its still there?
    hope this week isn't too much of a culture shock,
    jo xxx

  4. I saw your page in the magazine and I thought it was just beautiful :)

  5. Back to school/work for me too today. By break time I already felt like I had never been away! Your day in London sounds great. Hope first day back for you wasn't too painful.

  6. I love your blog so glad to have you back! I have a completely unrelated to scrapbooking question for you, I am heading to London for my 30th birthday and Im also very tea obsessed so was wondering for suggestions as to where the best spots are!

  7. Good to see you back Kirsty..that LO looks lovely xx

  8. sounds like you've had a lovely half term, quite relaxing and fun.
    I have finally got around to starting your class, I created my prompt 1 layout last night and have put it up on my blog. its a great class, I've read through all of the prompts, just haven't got around to joining in.
    Congrats on being in Scrap 365 magazine, I saw the layout and knew instantly it was you :)

  9. That looks like a beautiful page ... so soft and honey coloured. Many congratulations! Glad you had a happy half-term: mine perfect day would include a coffee shop too (and a bookshop.)