Wednesday 28 March 2012

An Ill-Fated Trip

And a new page to share.  I started this one a couple of weeks ago but what with one thing and another I've only finished it now.  I've just got in from school, it's 10:45pm and I wanted to do a little bit of scrapping before bed.  Sometimes I think you've got to take the creative time where you can get it.

The page was all made except for the journalling and title.  But the journalling was written as it's straight from my Istanbul travel journal and I knew how and where I wanted to the title to go.  It's a short, sweet and silly story of our ill-fated trip to Asia.

On our trip trip to Istanbul in October, my friend and I decided to pop over the river to Asia for the day.  However, the trip wasn't as expected.  We went to hunt for the fresh produce market but despite searching the docks, we only found innumerable shoe-polishing men, perched at their little stations with their little bottles all around them.  We also went to hunt for the main Thursday market.  We found the place, described in Lonely Planet as a sea of tents.  All we got was a sea of car park.  So we wandered a bit, had some tea and called it quits.  And we munched delicious pretzel-bread-things on the way back.

Epic Asia Fail.

Most of the supplies come from the Studio Calico March kit.  I love the little yo-yos by Amy Tangerine and the edge of the diamond paper was crying out to be cut into a banner.  I love the contrast the white border adds to the banner and the white tag framed the photo nicely too.  I usually print my pictures with a white border, but I happened to forget this time.  Waste not want not: I used the photo anyway.

To tie everything together, I trimmed down the background patterned paper and mounted the whole page on white cardstock.  I've never thought of doing this before, but I would definitely do it again.  It helps to anchor the whole design and makes it seem clean and cool, especially with the slightly nautical colour scheme.  Note to self: do this again. 

Another note to self: Rounded corners at the edge of the page create a brilliant vintage photo style frame.  Do this again too.

I don't have a corner rounder but I find drawing round a penny at the corners and then hand cutting works just as well.  And if you want a bigger curve, or a smaller curve, a 2 pence piece or a five pence piece will step up to the breach admirably.

Also, paperclips rule.

I'm definitely rambling now, so I'm going to wind this up and go to bed.  I'll photograph the page and add the pictures to this post tomorrow morning, all being well.  But to the wider world, it will appear as though I assembled this post altogether at once.  Genius.

Be quiet now, Miss Smith and go to bed.

Kisses xxx

P.S. I took my page kit on the teacher conference I went to this weekend and did not have a single spare minute.  We had events from nine in the morning until 11 at night and with the clock change and the Saturday morning 6:00am start, I had hardly any sleep to speak of.  It was insane!  But fantastic too - lots of teachery things to get excited about

P.P.S. I am going to work with my kit anyway.  Three more days until the school holiday!

P.P.P.S. Seriously: BED.


  1. I love your rounded corners and, of course, your banner! Glad to hear someone so excited about 'teachery' things..I don't reckon that happens often these days!
    Alison xx

  2. I love my corner rounder - really finishes things off, especially cards.Night night. Sleep tight

  3. Great page! Love the little hearts in the banners.

  4. Gorgeous page!!!!!

  5. Beautiful: I LOVE, ADORE, ADMIRE your travel journal! ANd your handwriting? Beautiful! I'm so envious ;)

  6. You create brilliant pages even in the middle of the night!!! Your work continues to amaze me and continues to pile up on my Pinterest board!!!

  7. Amazing layout Miss Smith - love the nautical feel and the placement of your title xx

  8. Love how you make a beautiful story (and page) about your epic fail!

  9. Gorgeous page, love the colour combo, very nautical, brilliant. :) Great photo of your holiday journal too, wow you wrote a lot, shall try and keep a journal on my trips this summer, would love for it to turn out like yours :)