Friday, 20 April 2012

Getting Brighter Later: Confetti Time

Another page about camping in the Lakes.  Once again, I've borrowed journalling from my good friend Connie as she writes such fab writings.  They make me giggle and sometimes it's nice to have a friend's account of an experience in an album.

We climbed Helvellyn.  Sort of.

We' got a map from the tourist info place: the lady in the office said not to worry as the route was clear and easy to follow and that the weather would be "brightening up tomorrow!"

It turns out that 'brightening up tomorrow' is Lakes slang for 'unrelenting rain, mist, cold, utter misery, and high possibility of snow.'  After getting lost for about an hour (entirely my fault as I kept insisting I could see the path) we found the trail.  After a while, we got a lovely view down over Thirlmere.  After that the mist completely obscured everything.

We met a couple coming down and asked how far it was to the top.

Them: Oh, an hour, probably.
Us: Is it worth it?
Man: Oh yes, definitely!
Woman: Yeah. The view is about the same, except, the only difference is, at the top there's driving rain.
Man: Oh, yeah! Driving rain!
Woman: And it's really cold. And there's no view.
*long pause*
Woman: I guess the good news is that the ascent doesn't get much harder.
Man: Totally worth it!
Woman: I'd come down if I were you. 

Driving rain.  Driving rain and no view.  We packed it in and slithered back down to the base.  We met other intrepid hikers braving the rain on the way up.  We saw them back at the bottom too having given up.  

Brighter later?  It rained all day.

I kept the word 'Brighter' as my title and balanced the letter stickers on three pieces of twine which are threaded through to the back of the page and stuck down.  The effect is to lift the title up off the page and give it a bit of movement.

Quite a few people asked how I stuck my confetti down.  I'll just increase the suspense a bit by saying that I love doing this at the moment and I'm using confetti on lots of pages :D  I think it's pretty!

But sticking it down can be a problem.  Not a fun one.  Do I have a magic solution?  Honestly: no.  You're not going to like the answer.  I assume people look at the pages and think to themselves: "Surely no one would bother sticking down each individual little punched shape.  There is clearly a simple magic way of doing this".

What I do is stick down each little punched bit of confetti individually.

I hope you're not disappointed.  I use Glossy Accents glue as it has a fine nozzle that means I can apply the glue exactly.  When I've just about finished a page, I sprinkle the confetti randomly over the page.  I like it to look naturally sprinkled and that's hard to fake.  Then I use my Glossy Accents glue to put a tiny dot of glue on the page next to a little punched shape, and stick it on.

Then I repeat this about sixty times.

It takes a long time, but I think it's worth it because I like the look.  And it's the kind of task I save for when I feel a bit brain-dead.  For instance, I've had a busy day at school today, my sixth form are sitting mock exams and generating marking by the cart-load and we had parents evening tonight.  I didn't have a lot of energy when I got in.  So I settled in front of the telly with my layout and my glue and did a bit of sticking.  Mindless yet productive!  So I'm sorry I don't have a good answer, but its an honest one and a simple one.

Kisses xxx

P.S. Thanks so much for your comments, I really enjoy reading them and getting some feedback :D

P.P.S. This is in response to Shimelle's challenge: Use yellow, grey and one other colour.  I went with green.


  1. you write so well! Thanks for an excellent post. I was slightly curious about the confetti, but figured it might just how you described it. My first confetti experience is here if you're interested. I used Rock Candy.

  2. I have been loving the confettis lately as well but have never added 60 on a page! :) Same "technique" as yours except I use a glue pen. I LOVE everything about your page but that shouldn't surprise you! :D

  3. I've just discovered your blog and I really love your gorgeous creations and on each layout your handwritten journaling♥

  4. I haven't used much confetti, but when I do I use a glue pen and do them individually too!
    Alison xx

  5. totally worth it....the confetti looks lovely. Great page and really love the use of your washi tape x

  6. Really enjoyed this page, and your explanation of the confetti! xx

  7. I like the idea of sticking confetti as a sort of de-stress activity - might have to try that one! Beautiful page :) (PS I made it to the top of Helvellyn when I was about 14 and the view is fab - try it again one day when the view is there x)

  8. Washli tape sun - AMAZING!!!!

  9. Wonderfully told story! Kudos to you for all the glueing too. :) I really like the way the journalling cascades down the page ...

  10. ..Mmm, thought you might say that :) I have an ongoing complicated Glossy Accents situation. I stuck a pin in the top. It stuck. I tried to use a pair of scissors as pliers to pull it out. I snipped the top off the bottle...

    Lovely stuff, as usual :)

  11. This is such a gorgeous layout and I love how you write about it. So fun! TFS I'll have to go find it but someone did a tutorial on an easier way to stick down confetti. Is was some type of spray that dries not tacky but the confetti will stick. Pretty cool eh!

  12. i simply ADORE your style and look forward to your page posts! Thank you for sharing!!!

  13. Found this on Pinterest. Loved it. Came here to see who to credit. Stuck around and snooped - adored - bookmarked. :)

  14. Love the look of the layout and the idea of using your friend's account. Had a feeling that's what you would have done with the confetti - like the idea of doing it when you need to destress.