Monday, 14 May 2012

Come Fly With Me

Our flights to Armenia are all booked!  We even got some decidedly non-stupid-o'-clock times.  And of all the GOLD teams, ours was the first to be booked.  It turns out that there was a little competition between each GOLD team leader to get their team's details in first, and Team Armenia were totally in there!  We were therefore dutifully awarded a prize: a little jacket for our team mascot to wear.  To help keep her warm in the 45 degree HEAT!!!!

I should point out that our team mascot is a bear and therefore perfectly happy to submit to such treatment.

I went for lots of cool, calming colours with this page, and the red/white/blue airmail theme seemed to fit the subject.  I LOVE the airmail twine too, and the Jenni Bowlin Alphabet stencil helped add a bit of focus and interest to the background.

Thought I'd try something a bit new for the journalling, although the jury's out as to whether I adore it or am underwhelmed by it.  We'll see.

And now, I shall return to the scrapbooking.  I helped out of a school Duke of Edinburgh expedition this weekend and as a consequence, my face is a giant, sunburned blister.  At this point, if my face doesn't fall off, it will be a bonus.  I am walking lesson as to the dangers of ignoring suncream.  Pointed this out to my students today. 

In my defense, I did pack lots of waterproofs and warm clothes after hearing a somewhat dubious weather forecast.  But not a drop of rain did we have - just relentless sunny times and no shade.  Hence the burning.  I also don't think it is fair that I should both be sunburned and have to wake up with a film of ice over my tent that fell through the tentflap first thing in the morning when I peeked out to check the students were still there.  One or the other, ice, or sunburn, but both?

That's probably enough about the weather, but I am NEVER going anywhere without suncream again.

Kisses xxx

P.S. The photo is obviously, not us in a plane, but the best shot I got of the Red Arrows flying in formation years ago.  They kept moving and wouldn't stay in the camera frame, and I took it back in the day when I had a compact digital camera that took the photo about 4 seconds after you clicked the shutter.  Good times :D


  1. Did you mean it to say 'Our are flights booked'? :-)

    1. Alright clever clogs, I've changed it :D

      But I am not going to re-do the photos.

  2. I LOVE it!!! (I'm sure it's no surprise! :D) I LOVE the rather tone on tone treatment and the stencil in the background. And regarding the photo, I actually really like the framing being a bit off, gives it lots of movement! Wonderful all together!

  3. My grandson has just received his Gold DofE award so I am aware of how much work and commitment it requires. As a former Guider I salute your project and wish you well with it. I find it exhilarating to read about the things Guides are doing today, Wonderful to see the enthusiasm. I wish I was young enough to join in!
    I love the pages, they are just perfect. I shall follow with interest (and perhaps, a little envy)

  4. Everything Ladkyis says. Apart from the bit about the grandson :) Of course we'll be following along..

  5. AMAZING layout!!!

  6. So different to how I scrap and so effective.

  7. wonderful Kirsty and I like that the paperclip is back :) good luck with all the planning x

  8. Sorry you had to suffer for such a pretty page. :) Well done on the Armenia booking - and you'll need the suncream!

  9. I'm so happy that the Two Peas blog ran the feature on your work this week! Your pages are incredible!