Wednesday, 23 May 2012

An hour a week is all it takes

When I first started helping out at Guides, posters advertising for new leaders claimed that all you needed to find was an hour a week.  "An hour a week my arse" is how a fellow leader put it after a particularly harrowing evening :D  

Fair enough, it takes up a lot more of my time, but I get to spend fab time with lovely people, our loopy nut-job muppets - that's the Guides - and doing activities that I ought to have grown out of but actually haven't.  And probably won't.  

Anyway, I've completed my 60 hours for my Queen's Guide Award service now.  At an hour a week, that should have been over a year.  It's taken less than three months.*  60 hours very well spent, I reckon!

I'm working on pages to go in my Guiding album, partly because of Shimelle's class Cover to Cover, partly so I'll have something to show for it at the end of the Queen's Guide award, and partly because it's fun to put together pages about something I've not scrapped very much about.

This page came together with stuff from the Studio Calico kit 35mm, and was assembled in part at the weekend.  I figured what the heck, and tried out a few new things on this page.  I thought the numbers stamp would reflect the counting of hours quite nicely, and I like how it blurs in and out.  I also had a bash with the letter stickers; you mist them and then the letter resists so you wipe over the top and your word is revealed.  I'm honestly not 100% convinced by them, but I'll give them a shot.

Loving the arrow-style paper clips though.  Classy!  Also the wooden buttons.  And note to self: get one of those pin-badge makers and make zillions of dinky pin badges, because I LOVE them.

Anyway, that's enough obsessing about stash.  Now to play with some more!

Kisses xxx

P.S. My Upper 6th Mechanics class has now left the school to go on study leave and then off to university.  They all wrote in a card for me which was lovely, but my favourite comment had to be:

"Thanks for being so... erm...weird.  Great times!"

As long as it was great, then.

P.P.S. A page of mine totally popped up on Amy Tangerine's blog.  It's like being famous :D

*Doesn't include meetings, planning, preparation, cleaning up, emails, GOLD, etc...


  1. Good for you. Queen's Guide is a great achievement - and very cool to get it in her Jubilee year. I have resisted taking over my son's Cubs, although they are desperate as I know that 'hour a week' is so far from being true. I really ought to scrap some of my Guiding memories. I gave up Guiding at about the same time as I discovered scrapbooking and I don't have many pages at all

  2. Loving the confettis exploding out of the glassine bag, totally remind me of a photo I have pinned on pinterest.

  3. Well done you! I have a brownie and a guide at home and really do appreciate the time and effort they put in - its such a fantastic organisation and I for one am really grateful to people like you that give up their time. ps think the page is great too!

  4. "An hour a week"? Our Guide meetings used to be around an hour and a half to start with!! Sure it was 4:30-6pm at one guides... can't remember for the earlier one though, but I'm sure it was over an hour. However could the GA claim that - you could get them under the Trades Descriptions Act!!

    Queen's Guide award is a big achievement - well done to you! I like your page too - it's very "you" and very funky. The confetti-in-an-envelope is fun and the little clip on the photo is very cute. Love that photo Kirsty!!

    The boy's comment in your card made me smile. My teen is at the stage where he also appreciates "weird" - it's considered a Good Thing. You should feel honoured!

    Great post today - love the story, love the page!

  5. You've got to love "weird". And there's a page in that, obviously.

    When I did my service bit for my Queens Guide I ran a kids club thing - definitely not an hour a week! And you have given me an idea for a new story, thank you.

    Love the picture of you on this - like a "Your country needs you" poster

  6. Well done for achieving your Queen's Guide. I used to be a Brownie leader before I moved house and totally understand all the planning and preparation that goes into just one meeting!

  7. I laughed out loud when I read your title. I'm a Rainbow unit leader and District Administrator but I only work part-time. I think people who do Guiding and work full time are true heroines. Well done on your Queen's Guide, that in itself is a massive commitment of time. Fabulous page.

  8. Well done Kirsty and a beautiful layout to record it too!

    Saw you on Amy T blog too - famous indeed!! :)

  9. Congrats on both things - although I am totally confused by the Queens Guide. I am sure that, in my day, you had to finish it while you were still a Guide and aren't you a little, erm, old for that?
    I can see weird replacing geek as the new cool.

  10. Finally figured out how to comment on your blog without setting up my own:D This is an amazing layout - I love the exploding bag of confetti. Congrats on your guiding achievement, and keep the school stories coming, as a fellow teacher (though of the primary species) they always make me laugh! xxx

  11. From a fellow Guider - well done on your Queen's guide award! I love the idea that you are scrapping about your guiding experiences. I think I have to take a leaf out of your book! The page is gorgeous btw :)

  12. How did you fall for hour a week trick!
    Congrats on your 60 hours - it is amazing how quickly it adds up!

  13. This page is amazing!!! Love how you caught up the confetti and the misted letter are great- I might have to get some! Congrats on the Guide achievement- my sister is a teacher in London so I sort of have an idea of the work and effort you put into it even if I am a bit of a clueless American. Love your scrap style- very inspiring!

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