Saturday, 1 September 2012

Learn Something New Every Day

It's the 1st of September.  And that, rather than only meaning one thing, means a number of things to me.  It means taking up the rains of my new position at school.  It means summer is officially over (although I think I missed the official beginning.  Did we have summer this year?).  It's a time for New Academic Year Resolutions.  And I have some of those.  

And it's time for Learn Something New Every Day, a lovely yearly class over at Shimelle's.   This will be my third year and I'm going to do something a bit different.  I'm going to be working on my GOLD Armenia 2012 album, but I'm going to learn how to turn it into a proper book by combining my efforts with Cover to Cover, another Shimelle class.  So I'll be using the blog to document my progress and the things I learn along the way.  I'd also like to keep a school diary but I'm not going to do that here.  And that will be very time-dependent.  How do diaries fill up so quickly?

This page is quite empty in some ways.  There's lots of space.  But I tried out lots of techniques here: a stitched title (Thanks to inspiration from Clair at Obstinate Pursuit), a machine stitched border (ditto), stamping, border punches, little pearly raindrops and some doodled journalling blocks.  I conclude that I love stitching, I need a new black inkpad as mine is sticky and ineffective, pearls are awesome and little foam squares make everything better.

Journalling for 'It's Fun to Go on GOLD' reads:

Heck, did it rain.  And rain.  It also thundered and lightninged but as the weather was multitasking, the rain continued unabated.  We dived into our tents, burrowed into the inners and sat and waited.  I was tent-buddies with Rachael and Rachel - not in the least confusing - and we watched in despair as water seeped over the outer groundsheet and was slowly absorbed into our bags.  Everyone has their breaking points though and Rachael and I experienced ours around midnight when we couldn't take it any more and conducted Opperation Wrap-Everything-in-a-Really-Really-Giant-Tarpaulin.  It was successful and kept our stuff dry for the night.  We could hear some shouting from Tori, Amy and Jade in the other tent and after sticking our heads out the tent and then hastily deeming that a bad idea, we bawled back that we couldn't hear them.  Eventually, after much screaming over the drumming of rain on canvas, we realised they were singing G-O-L-D.  

To the uninitiated, that's to the tune of YMCA.  And this is quite obviously not the end of the story.  But it is the end of the journalling space.  So one of the things I'll be working on in the album is using journalling cards and divided page protectors to continue longer stories.

I'm also looking to include many more photos.  I take a lot.  And I like a lot of them.  But I like to scrap with little pics.  Divided page protectors mean that I can whack in loads of pics and that in turn will help to tell more of the story.

That's all for now and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's take on LSNED this year.  Good times!

Happy September,
Kisses xxx

P.S. Doctor Who tonight.  How exciting!


  1. Lots of fun elements on your fab layout including the pearly raindrops x

  2. Love those pearly raindrops!
    Alison xx

  3. Eep!! I totally love those clouds!

    And wasn't Doctor Who BRILL?!

  4. Awesome layout! Love the pearls! This is my first time taking Shimelle's class. I'm looking forward to it and seeing more of your work.

  5. I love this LO :) Love the way you have used the pearls as raindrops.

    I won't mention Dr Who or I will never get off the computer :-D..suffise to say...YAY lol

  6. I too love this page! The the pile of papers behind the photo (is that an instax pic?) looks great as do the splatters and the clouds :)

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